Smart water purifier market, winning three strategies you Ge


   In recent years, with the gradual shift in consumer attitudes and improve peoples living standards, peoples attention on water purifier gradually improved, especially now entered into the Web.4.0 era, smart home also tear off its mysterious veil every family, but after advancing a smart water purifier market will be able to triumph in the pack it? Although the scale of intelligent water purifier impressive, but needs careful to operate.




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   market opportunity is "nirvana" it?

   said Wu Xiaobo stroke of the pen, shorten the ripening time intelligent water purifier market in China, the reason right, but the opportunities for each purifier companies are equal, and "opportunity, leaving only to those who are prepared! "seize the opportunity to seize market opportunities to win, not to seize can only look on in despair, but the opportunity just opportunities, and can not determine the final outcome of winning or losing, therefore, can not be considered market opportunities seize the smart water purifier market, "nirvana."

   price advantage is "nirvana" it?

   the price seems always an advantage, but "that price" can not be considered "advantage" of the. Leaving aside the People reprint of "Boston Consulting Group Report: China manufacturing cost is close to the United States," National Peoples scared hop, gentlemen, do you remember, after 2010, many "smart water purifier" have to rely on "price advantage "," catch break Kyushu ", but the market is not how to pay. In short, as consumers look for brands fly, look at the price side is a wise move.

   of the ultimate selling point is "nirvana" it?

   The so-called extreme, not the kind of people listened, said: "wow" product, but rather the kind of sigh loudly after people used the word "I really understand it," the product. "Grasping pain points" to see who is the point of pain, grasping experience, depends on whos experience. How are the fourth generation do not need a water tank that is hot smart toilet living standing in front of you, talk about smart toilet tank low-key, how can "hide" - such "extreme" Do you think it can impress consumers?

   Tucao so much, "nirvana", sleeve in the end you sell drugs?

   the name of this herb is smart to win one hundred billion Chinese market, China must first win the hearts and minds of millions of consumers, and winTake heart, "only skill, no nirvana." Smart water purifier market in China, we should abandon the illusion of two kinds: one is deliberately intelligent water purifier products, "the luxury"; there is a so-called "try" intelligent water purifier products to the "spread" of . The former is a profit off very heart, the latter is "a fishing hot" mentality derived freak.

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