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  Water purifier market or be able to "trickle down" Author: Tim net water purifier Views: 535 Published: 2016-12-24 9:47:49 because "under the sky" a, well received by the people concerned about air pollution. Air purifiers accompanied heatwave fire, and digest the golden period of development of the air purifier in a short time. Because frequent outbreaks of water pollution incidents, so that more people into the water purifiers attention. 鍑€姘村櫒甯傚満鎴栬兘鈥滅粏姘撮暱娴佲€漘鍑€姘村櫒鍔犵洘 then seek business transformation for many towns appliance dealer in the market, the face of air purifiers, water purifiers and both belong to the same health appliances of new products, which is more worthy of long-term investment operations, and its continued development as a career? in recent year, many people believe that the market opportunities and space air purifiers will be some more, after all, in terms of haze compared to healthy drinking water is more intuitive, and a lot of air purifiers no sale of professional installation, for many dealers, which means "to sell air purifiers, it is the end of all transactions," but that need not water purifier business site installation, commissioning, seems to be sold, but also to provide post-service, too toss. In fact, I do not think so. Just from the market development, the past two years, Chinas air purifier market has been showing a "blowout expansion" development momentum. In other words, the air purifier first golden period has been expanded overdraft and digested in just over two years. Water purification machines belonging heavy volume rose gold detonated period, has not really come! More importantly, with respect to the health needs of drinking water is the stage, but the air is healthy for everyone all the time does not need to breathe. Therefore, government management and governance efforts to air quality, certainly much larger than the drinking water problem. And with respect to the air current caused concern in the community, drinking water has not caused enough attention to government and society and remediation. Then from the point of view of product maturity. Lack of air purifier is more serious than the standard water purifier, whether certified or after purification of clean indoor air quality standards are not clear. This led directly to businesses and consumers in the choice of brand can not start time. With the introduction of a "history of the most serious Advertising Law", and how should prove their products with the effectiveness of the removal of PM2.5, formaldehyde, secondhand smoke ......? Indoor air quality purifiedThe amount in the end is good or bad, who is in charge? Obviously, this is a need for all the problems of air purifier companies and businesses together to consider. Accompanied smart home gradually into the heart, we can not deny that home appliances more and more. If you just want a comfortable temperature, clean air you need to use air conditioning, air purifier, humidifier or air system. At present, air purifiers function as a modular, future will be large enterprises or home air part of the solution. For example, now there are a lot of air conditioning come out empty net in-one product and appearance. As for the water purifier is simply no substitute products and solutions emerge. Further terms compared to man combat air purifier. Water purifier has grown from a single hardware products, forming an integral water purification system. In addition to water, softened water, etc. as well as to meet the functional under no circumstances different users. Currently facing different pollution in different regions of the country, rely on a product to conquer the world obviously does not work. The water purifier after years of development, is now available for different areas of water quality, tailor-made for customers own the whole house water purification system. For many franchisees water purifiers, water purifiers or should firmly seize market opportunities and next simmering!

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