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  [Resolved] Why not tap water is safe to drink? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 299 Published: 2018-11-15 11:23:54 now includes most every household in rural areas have access to piped water, well water naturally than before slightly clean point, but still not able to achieve straight drink the purpose of this small series to help analyze the reasons not to drink straight water, so that we understand more about healthy drinking water knowledge. So far the water company water treatment process used or thirty or forty years ago, this traditional process uses flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, disinfection, this traditional craft techniques are not able to organic pollution and heavy metals in the raw water removal out, so our tap water is not able to drink directly. If so why not water company to improve the process, the water can be directly processed into drinking water, in line to the developed countries to adapt to the modern requirements of the drinking water it? So what is the root cause of the water can not be turned into drinking water is? Experts believe that the main factors that may have the following two aspects: First, tap water costs too much if you press the drinking water standards to deal with the water, so now the water companies need to spend a lot of capital investment to transform the current water plant, a daily water supply 100,000 tons of water, at least tens of millions of reconstruction funds. After the transformation, the processing cost is also higher than the current process. If the process according to drinking water standards, then the supply of water to the people at home would not now three to five dollars a ton, but will now be several times the price of water will increase the expenses of the family. Second, the pipeline transport of secondary pollution on the other hand, even if the water company to water into drinking water, and after a few tens of kilometers of pipeline and secondary water supply facilities, and increase the number of pollutants into the water, it is difficult to ensure that people faucet flowing water can drink straight home. So, to say, the water company water treatment into drinking water is not realistic. Thats why not tap water company to deal with the cause of drinking water, perhaps a dedicated drinking water can pass to every household, lets turn on the tap will be able to enjoy healthy water quality after many years. However, there are many parts of our country are still without running water or even on the pass, you want to achieve water to drink straight, the best way is through household water purification equipment and other places in the district office building, part of the water into theRow deep purification into drinking water, which is the most feasible and economical solution.

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