Water purifier filtmaintenance of correct posture you grasp


   water purifier has become a very high utilization of kitchen appliances, the water purifier purify water, filter out the harmful substances in water, after drinking more healthy for the body. Water purifiers also require regular maintenance, water filter cartridge needs to be replaced regularly, so as to fully guarantee the purifying effect of water purifiers. Then, water purifier filter life is how to judge? How to maintain water purifier it? Will share today about the water purifier filter maintenance methods and common sense, lets see what it.



   determines how the service life of water purification filters

   It will be regular domestic water purifier manufacturers reference to a water purifier filter life, such as ultra- membranes typically gives 24-36 months; RO membrane in the general life of about 12 months, however, relatively complex of quality, so the service life is generally in accordance with the reference value for the city water source of water under ambient cartridge life; also part of the factory is to be judged based on the actual amount of water of the water purifier, the general result of detection of this method is in city tap water environment; of course, are not representative of the theoretical water purification filters in real life the life of the filters actual life was kind enough to have a great relationship maintenance.

   The water purifier filter maintenance rules

   First, before first use of the filter must be rinsed inside the water purifier, in order to protect the wash liquid in the cartridge.

   Second, wash: water purification products now on the market purifier, pure water, drink straight three kinds of different combinations of different water purification filter products, the products used in certain time, can result in excessive impurities, filter clogging and the like.

   1, when less than half the original amount of water to apply to the cleaning station service center for repair.

   2, the cleaning agent can be washed or backwashing.

   water purifier filter under what circumstances need to be replaced

   know how to replace the water purifier filter water purifier it a source of strength for everyone Weapon experts of different methods to determine the filter replacement:? [123 ]

   1, ultra-filter, RO membrane replacement: when the water purifier water production is greatly reduced, and smaller than the original flow of water or no water very often, after rinsing any course can not be restored, you can not meet the demand for water when, this time on the need to replace the cartridge.

   2, the composite filter replacement: When you think of purifying water taste worse and can not be accepted, the composite filter needs to be replaced.

   In fact water purifier filter drinking water determines the health of the family, if not long-term replacement of the filter element is likely to form a "secondary pollution" for filtered water, so water purifiers in daily use be sure to maintain and replace the filter.

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