Office workers may be feeling tired signal of water shortage



white-collar city to drink water, because he worked very stretched, and there are many pressures. This is the case, but also to pay attention to water issues white-collar workers, on the contrary, the current white-collar workers appeared a few questions, a question, do not drink because of busy and forget to drink water, this is universal, the amount of water are inadequate. So white-collar workers must pay attention to the amount of water should be sufficient, this is the first point. The second is, do not because of busy, but also to take the initiative to drink plenty of water. When the office, next to a glass of water to develop the habit, to develop a habit. So we have to take the initiative to drink water, and second, we have a lot of white-collar workers drink coffee, I found that drinking coffee is a dehydration process, it is not a replenishment process, but people just drink coffee but also to pay, because coffee has caffeine, but caused diuretic, easily dehydrated.


and, like white collar work environment more comfortable, air-conditioned environment is also likely to cause dehydration, so we white-collar workers busy, forget to drink water, not pay attention to pay, and the environment is often dehydrated environment, including air-conditioned environment. Including faster pace of work, to use their brains, brains are consuming a lot of energy, more mental and physical white-collar often the occasion of people, but also to pay attention to drink plenty of water, pay attention to drink plenty of water, first of dehydration, which has caused us a lot of brain cells to dehydration . A white-collar workers often our chronic diseases, obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and more and younger, have a relationship with the lack of water, not only to eat out and drink out of, often do not pay attention to drink water, we cause a lot of white-collar workers suffering from various chronic diseases, the more sick the more younger, also caused by an insufficient amount of water.


Therefore, we pay attention to white-collar workers to go home after work only when drinking at night, drinking in the morning, go to work among the first to go to work to drink water, drink water first to go out after work later, when the middle to the general after two hours one hour, to develop a 200 g ready to pay.


For example, to fly more than an hour later, he must send you a water. If you want to fly long, then, for example, fly ten hours, then often give you bottled water, and why? Because just like our white collar work environment is the same, because it is air-conditioned. This sporadic skin moisture is very powerful, so basically let you fill more than one hour from 100 to 200 ml of water.


So as our white-collar workers is concerned, then, in the underground air-conditioned environment, then an hour to two hours should fill a waterThis is a second, then said, as we are concerned, the first amount of water must be sufficient, and the other is to evaluate the full amount of their own drinking and a lack of a very direct indicator is your discharged from the urine and the color, flavor, this is a lack of water is very important that you are not an indicator of water scarcity today. How to see, for example, the amount you urinate today if less than 1.5 liters a day, then such a person if long-term are like this go on, he is especially prone to kidney stones or urinary tract stones, the incidence rate is very high.


If your day urine output reached two liters, 2.5 liters or more, then this time you this incidence of kidney stones can be reduced to 50% or less, it is a question of quantity. The second color, we discharged urine color, are saying very deep, very dark in color, it shows a lack of water in your body. So the wait light yellow color, it means your body is not dry.


Purified water the color of water



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