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   HC purification network It is understood that people for beautiful and comfortable life has its own set of system, however, one must not forget the basic way of life, in any case can not do without water. For drinking water, and now even more important to note that to achieve healthy drinking water issues, how to achieve healthy drinking it? People can use this smart pipe machine water purification devices, intelligent pipe machine convenient and effective to use, then the intelligent machine needs attention in the pipeline installation time for it? Friends may wish to reference hereinafter.


   intelligent pipeline machine Introduction

   lift line machine is not strange in the water purification industry, it is the sub-category, including solving UF UF water purification machines, RO reverse osmosis net water purifiers, etc., after the source water depth purification filters, wall-mounted machine is connected to the pipeline through the water purifier, so that consumers can be in the living room, the den, or even in the conference room, office anytime, anywhere convenient drinking room temperature water, water, cold water or even ice needs, coffee, tea, milk powder charge, it is sufficient to solve. This is known as the terminal drinking water 1 + X to solve a concrete manifestation of the program. So then, take you into the beautiful water main article content and talk about the topic of the pipeline installation machine with you. Most people feel pipeline installation is very simple, in fact, not the case! There are some details you tend to ignore, if not pay attention to these details, there is a security risk!

   intelligent pipeline installation step

   experts see Road , watch outsiders. ? For these intelligent pipeline installation, in addition to installing too beautiful, beautiful outside, you see the "doorway children" yet according to Xiao Bian lessons learned, pipeline water dispenser is equipped with the following principles must be complied with: first , can go dark line does not go obviously. Therefore, the owners of the communication, the earlier the intervention, the better, the ideal stage housing renovation when the plumber synchronization intervention. Of course, the house has been renovated can also be installed, we Lai water purifier across the country, "a small wrench service" is not a vegetarian! Second, the separation of water is very important. This is, the machine structure itself has been done, but the principle of the time line installation to do likewise, must take on the outlet side line machine, the machine can not be putThe lower, in order to avoid the machine over water splashed on the plug socket, causing a risk of electric shock.

   intelligent pipeline installation matters

   intelligent machine also known as line pipe water dispenser, according to Xiao Bian understand, wading in the product category, the pipeline machine required health permits and 3C mandatory safety certification was granted on sale, I believe that most consumers should be more understanding.

   As to the line classification machine, there are two: the first is divided in accordance with the outer shape line of the dispenser, there are sub-line machines and mounted vertical line of the machine. The second line in accordance with the heating sub-machine, i.e. there is no heat duct line thermal and differential thermal drinking water dispenser duct line, i.e. the line thermal machine industry, also known as line speed thermal dryer.


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