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   1. to be creative

   marketing is now very rampant, but also not willing to do it, do it and reach the desired results. Now every store will do marketing, you do not fall behind, not to mention the supplier does not agree. In this case, in order to stand out in marketing, water purifier dealers and ultimately, to think hard, to do some of the other booths and different, innovative activities. The saying goes, good deed goes unpunished, but in the sales industry to do is only stands out, in order to be concerned about the overhangs being purchased.

   2. Maijiu

   to seize the target consumers buying habits, such as buying a water purifier comes with a gift fans like it is easier to get customers of all ages. This form is also more suitable for the promotion of new water purification products, customers fresh products will certainly be a degree of concern, so the role of gifts is to shake customer concerns, coupled with the recommendation of sales staff, can greatly increase customer the purchase rate.

   3. Experiential Marketing

   can not just their own stores of talking while doing promotions there, to create a customer participating in the atmosphere, that is, experiential marketing, such as can be done Some small experiments like the wastewater filtration, and really let the customer see the filtering effect of the water purifier; another example can provide free drinking water area for customers ahead of drink filtered water. This form will not only attract more peoples attention, but also to create a good atmosphere for interaction, with the intention of customers will naturally calls.

   4. The quality of training

   and more sales staff training is to improve the quality of services, but also allows employees to be familiar with the basic content of festive activities and processes in the short term, and so, of course, is that the final to provide customers with better service.

   5. The subsequent improvement

   to develop a new customer costs much higher than the cost of maintaining an old customer, so the complete return visit telephone, letter or e-mail after the end of three days of promotional activities listen to the views of consumers, and the assessment and improvement activities.

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