Total grams of Contagion, in additi to hand washing, wearg m


  Total grams of Contagion, in addition to hand washing, wearing masks, experts have warned that this is more important!

   Author: Ma Ying-jeou

   2020-05-12 Source: Original Springs to


epidemic surging, from Wuhan pneumonia become the focus of January 21 to today, confirmed infected with the new coronavirus suspected + the number has exceeded 5W mark!




, the development of drugs and vaccines virus difficult to face, but many people were close again and again IQ taxes.





SHL out of stock, masks out of stock, under the epidemic spread, it was found that health is the most profound needs.




back post to return to work soon, the outbreak of victory still seems nowhere in sight, except for "SHL" and Radix, how to effectively protect yourself?




Expert Tip: From now on, pay attention to their immunity!





The epidemic is a big test of the human immune system, assault exam review with little success, the key is to rely on the usual serious study , accumulated bit by bit, to chicken do not panic, get good grades!






   What is immunity?



immunity refers to the body to clear foreign bacteria and viruses, and their ability to remove the abnormal cells. It is the ultimate firewall after the virus enters the body.







to improve immunity, not by assault




plane is immunity harmful invasion, "standing army", usually natural as strong as possible. But experts suggest that to improve immunity, more importantly,The daily routine is through diet, lifestyle, and slowly mild consolidation.


If the assault improved by the drug, but likely to strengthen too far, attacks the bodys healthy tissues and organs, causing autoimmune diseases.







How to improve the immune system




want get healthy immune system, the first is to sleep.




When we sleep, the brains neurons release neurotransmitters, prompting the immune system to release cytokines to kill germs.


immune system required to spend five hours to kill the bacteria and the formation of new antibodies, so if you do not want to get sick, or at least should sleep at least five hours.







at home, self-segregation of us, every day is enough time to sleep too much.


could not help more to worry about in the front line fighting, lack of sleep health care workers, in the most dangerous place in the most vulnerable against the state, they are the real heroes!





鈶?Huan new mood


Notice guard health committee published, mentions personal feelings and immunity related! Zhang sound Shanghai Mental Health Center Clinical Psychology consultant, says: a man in a good emotional state which is conducive to maintaining the overall state of physical and mental health.









鈶?appropriate exercise


To overcome the epidemic refueling, shout out is better "sweat" out!




a day sofa Ge You lie, long brush phone, physical activity reduced, not only to meet up weight, may also cause decreased immunity!


prevent virus attacks, strengthening fitness exercises to enhance their immune system is equally important! At home you can also try climbing stairs, yoga, unarmed training and other ways to increase physical activity.







鈶?balanced diet


dietary inferior anti-drug, prevention over treatment.




more greasy food during the Chinese New Year, coupled with the recent closure city road closures, grocery shopping has become a persistent problem.


At this time we pay particular attention to diet with balanced nutrition intake of foods containing dimension C, protein, etc., eat more whole grains, so as not to get angry and to maintain a good figure.







鈶?drink good water


stay home every day because of the epidemic, during the Chinese New Year, closed-door lock windows, hide from the germs, but also eating more meat and fish, this time we have to drink plenty of water, especially safe and good bacteria and viruses, mineral water, time to activate the bodys immune system.


Springs mine to drink straight US imports nanofiltration membrane technology, nanofiltration membrane filtration accuracy of 1 nm or more can filter diameter greater than 1 nanometer water harmful substances (bacteria, viruses, bacteria diameter is generally 1000 -1 ten thousand nanometers, typically 20 to 200 nanometers in diameter viruses).







Health is the first and only!


The current epidemic, we do not only fuel, but also to enhance their immunity, drink good water every day (a day is recommended to drink 2000ml above), the virus does not become a breakthrough, is the best contribution.



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