80% of diseases related to water quality drinking wrere not


   Since ancient times, our drinking habits are boil water, because water disinfection can reduce the water of harmful substances harmful to health. However, with the development of society, more and more serious water pollution, drinking water is no longer that we thought it would be clean. The process does not boil water to remove impurities that can cause chronic diseases water. Therefore, the use of household water purifier is very necessary. It will purify tap water, non-toxic drinking water, especially for the elderly and children and other people with poor immunity.

   World Health Organization report: 20 percent of the world population does not have clean drinking water, nearly 50% of people drink unsafe water, and due to this current water quality, 80% of the world 30% of illness and mortality related to water pollution, water pollution and lead to the spread of diseases and epidemics. Drinking water quality and water resources and how scientists from various countries has become an issue of global concern and research is correct.

   Why water purifier can purify the water of harmful substances?

   water purifier, bluntly put, water purification machines. With the progress of society, water pollution has cropped up, the effectiveness of water purifier is to contaminated water purification, so as to achieve a safe and healthy drinking water.

   Depending on the filter can be removed chlorine, impurities, odors, heavy metals, and bacteria and other harmful substances, filtered tap water impurities, rust, some bacteria, viruses, colloids, etc., having a resistance of scale models function. The use of reverse osmosis water purifier, the biggest feature is the ability to provide drinking water.

   on the market today commonly used in water purification water purifier way

   want to get the reserved mineral water - water purifier filter type

   Some owners for water quality requirements It is to remove the bleach smell Shanghai common tap water, and the impurities, heavy metals, viruses and bacteria and other harmful substances, and retain beneficial minerals, used for drinking or central water. This part of the population may be selected household water purifiers the filter type. This water purifier according to the different treatment of water also has a variety of options, such as home you want out of each faucet is water, you can select the central water purifier, not only for drinking, but also as domestic water; you want small range of water purification area, the kitchen machine can also choose to meet the demand for drinking and other vegetables.

   Want to get completely pure water - reverse osmosis water purifier machine

   the largest reverse osmosis water purifier machine function is to provide drinking water. It uses reverse osmosis technology aviation technology, in theory, be able to remove all organic and inorganic substances in water, the resulting water is almost completely pure, then purifying the water is drinking water. Reverse osmosis water purifier machine does not produce waste water, life is not only convenient but also beneficial to health. With this small device from the system with fresh drinking water, bottled water better than home health, hygiene, but also a lot easier.

   to healthy living, the home can not do without the use of water purifier, it is our guarantee of a healthy life.

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