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  In recent years, water pollution increasingly serious, serious water pollution, water plant water purification method but only flocculation - precipitation - chlorination, the process can only be the primary disinfection, a lot of water alkaline scale, pesticides, chemical and other pollutants are simply unable to handle. Coupled with long-distance water pipelines, water tower water tank to bring secondary pollution, so drinking tap water belongs to meet the national standards for drinking water but light pollution, fundamentally speaking, the water does not belong to drinking water. To achieve the standard drink straight, it is necessary to carry out the necessary purification treatment. 姘寸珛鏂瑰噣姘村櫒 瀹剁敤鍑€姘村櫒鎴愪负鍋ュ悍楗按淇濇姢鑰?

   urgent need for drinking water purification, water purifiers gradually into the lives of ordinary people. The term "water home improvement" has thus emerged, "Water Decoration" is a new term in the cities in the past two years, that is in front of home decoration owners usually do consider home water purification or softening terminal. The so-called water according to the situation at home is a home improvement of water quality, in place of the water supply line user design, configuration-related water treatment equipment: soft water machine, straight drink machine, water purifier, various filters, faucets, etc., in order to protect the home life the quality of drinking water and domestic water. Decoration in water, a water softener and the main drinking water apparatus.


姘寸珛鏂瑰噣姘村櫒 瀹剁敤鍑€姘村櫒鎴愪负鍋ュ悍楗按淇濇姢鑰?

   aggravate water pollution has also spawned a new industry, "water home improvement", but also created a national brand of local origin "sea cube water purifiers." Growing water purifier cube is about the history of the reform period of the quality of life, opportunities and creation, application of advanced water purification technology, water purification industry achievements of "Bright Star." The birth of the era of water purifier is needed, the general trend. Since its inception has been adhering to the "improve water quality for the benefit of mankind," the purpose, with leading water purification technology security and good reputation.


姘寸珛鏂瑰噣姘村櫒 瀹剁敤鍑€姘村櫒鎴愪负鍋ュ悍楗按淇濇姢鑰?

   Water Cube water purification center to remind, water purifier market was mixed today, consumers should choose a brand and qualification of water purification products, or can not fully filter harmful water impurities, harmful to human health. Water purifier filters and other advanced timber and perfect after-sales service to win the trust of consumers and praise, to meet the "health, convenience, fashion," the drinking water needs of the family.

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