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  Secret black business clean buckets: bucket-free life Author: Tim net water purification Views: 993 Published: 2014-4-12 10:59:41 drinking water market spread of such a spoken language - "barrel more expensive than water." Under the quality of drinking water barrels appearance, hiding a cheap low-quality drinking water barrels to use as the source of the chain of interest, some unscrupulous traders to chase should not get the benefit desperate behavior gradually emerge. In mid-March 2014, the Sichuan county public security cracked production together, the cases of selling fake or substandard products. The county factory produced PC drinking water barrels to below-market new materials produced by the finished drinking water barrel price, repeatedly sell to the province of Chengdu, Meishan, Leshan and many drinking water plant, while the plant many times by the proportion of recycling of used, broken barrel, after recovery of waste, breaking the tub damage, to join the new raw materials for the production of drinking water tub after mixing. Recently, the reporter after an investigation found beneath the surface quality of the drinking water barrels, hidden in a cheap low-quality drinking water barrels to use as the source of the chain of interest, some unscrupulous traders to chase should not get the benefit desperate behavior gradually emerge, all kinds of behind the problem reflects the absence of relevant national and industry standards. More importantly, the safety of drinking water barrels a direct threat to the quality of water entering our mouths. Water barrel price of secret drinking water market in the spread of such a spoken language - "barrel more expensive than water." This sentence is very simple to understand that water bucket filled with water than the more expensive literally. Currently five gallons bucket of clean water generally cost about 10 yuan. And a production in accordance with national drinking water standard PC barrel price of 30 yuan, the companys PC water barrel price even sold nearly 50 yuan. According to relevant laws and regulations, always use clean buckets are manufactured in accordance with standard PC drinking water barrels, a regular PC drinking water barrels are made of imported materials together, which is an important reason "barrel more expensive than water" form. Reporters in the course of special sales price of clean buckets into the bucket of a number of consulting companies in Shanghai, Shanghai several businesses clearly guarantee the quality of drinking water barrels, and some businesses also support buyers to the testing center for testing. An inquiry is completed, the information obtained is the market price of a barrel of water is indeed much higher than the price of a bucket of clean water.However, the same PC barrels of drinking water, but you can get cheaper price in the field. Shandong, a claim to specialize in PC barrels of drinking water companies to reporters quoted the price of a barrel of drinking water each PC $ 15, whether to buy more or buy less are the prices. The price of 15 yuan is not really possible to buy accordance with national standards of PC drinking water barrels it? With questions reporters in Shanghai consulting company specializing in the production of drinking water barrels enterprises responsible person Zhang Qi, when they heard the price of 15 yuan a barrel of drinking water, Qizhang Li that is, blurting out: "This is likely to be PC barrels use recycled materials to do, or else how would there be such a low price, the price may cost us to do enough. "" black barrel "cost advantage international food packaging Association Executive Vice President and Secretary General Dong Jinshi, the current market drinking water tub appears divided into four categories: food grade new material PC (polycarbonate) barrels, non-food grade PC barrels, food-grade PET (polyethylene terephthalate), and with a waste plastic tub, made of low-grade scrap, discarded optical disk and even foreign garbage and other "black barrel." According to the classification above drinking water barrels of view, there is now a bucket of drinking water quality problems mainly come from non-food grade PC barrels and scrap production of "black barrel" waste of unknown origin contains large amounts of harmful substances, serious harm to human health, while the production companies in order to increase transparency and color bucket, will join the masterbatch and transparent agent. Damaged bucket also recovered a number of small and medium enterprises and the production of barrels manufacturers, these so-called PC barrels of drinking water will be flowing continuously into the market after a certain processing. Insiders pointed out that in general each qualified PC drinking water barrels a half life of about two years, if a water supply station to sell 1,000 barrels of pure water per month, that need to invest at least 10 000 buckets throughout the production, circulation as stock turnover . According to the price of drinking water barrels 30 yuan each PC on the market, this water stations for funding working capital stock of the bucket will need about 30 million. After normal business two and a half, because the PC barrels of drinking water needs to be updated, and the need to re-invest about 10,000 new barrels. Such high costs are not every business can afford down. In fact it is precisely because of this spread, so that some companies have chosen a lower price but the quality can not be guaranteed cheap PC drinking water barrels. PC drinking water barrels upfront investment is not just large, engaged in the process of selling drinking water, drinking water buckets for cleaning PC is not a small openingsupport. There had engaged in related industries to friends Business Herald reporter said the 21 century, because the current testing and other indicators are very strict, especially for bottled drinking pure water equipment industry, so the quality of the recycled washing to clean buckets demand is high. According to him, due to the use of clean buckets of different places, it carries dirt very complex, and some may even still with the smell, for these cases, the conventional detergent because fewer species, because of poor washing effect can not meet cleaning requirements, some manufacturers then basified directly washed with altogether, good degreasing effect of caustic soda, while the price is relatively cheap. But manufacturers also found that long-term use, poor ability to remove scale liquid caustic soda, but also affect the appearance of the bucket long-term use may result in use of dangerous residues generated. To overcome these shortcomings, spend more money to buy better-quality detergent is the key. It is this sum of expenditure, so that some had not much money they want to engage in the business of selling purified water moving through the distorted brain. In view Zhang Qi, the country had previously promulgated the "stereotypes packaging production and health standards" in 2004, but which only provides for recycling bucket must be made with PC material. But refinement bucket product quality standards and testing, did not make strict rules, which also makes the regulatory quality supervision departments no clear basis, so that some of the small business owners drilling of this loophole. Extended active duty buckets are just saving in buying PC barrels of drinking water and the cleaning is part of, as a number of small business owners or pure underground water manufacturers, the ability to use a drinking water barrels as long as possible before more money. Dong Jinshi in the food packaging industry has many years of experience, in his view, a bucket of drinking water recycling cycle is generally 40 times to 60 times, it is almost time of about 2-3 years, using more than the shelf life of the bucket will produce edible PC harm. "Extended active duty bucket is easy to breed bacteria, destroy barrel water quality. The main raw material and the PC resin is bisphenol A polycarbonate, bisphenol A well-known hazards, the release of bisphenol A will increase with the aging of the bucket, especially in high temperature environments such as steam cleaning, sun exposure, will aggravate the release of toxic and hazardous substances. "Dong Jinshi admitted to reporters. This time three years in some drinking water barrels manufacturer seems a bit short, in fact, the actual use of some of the life cycle of drinking water bucket is much greater than 3 years. Reporters at the GreekHope to do business on the grounds of pure water, and Shanghai to do a bucket of drinking water is more brands chatted about the business of drinking water barrels. In the process of communication, whether it is from some qualified sales price or the company owned can be concluded that this is a more formal manufacturers, but when a reporter asked about the purchase of the useful life of the bucket, the other blurted out "five years": "my family buckets are produced in line with national standards, it can be used up to normal use for 5 years." when a reporter said the normal life cycle of no more than 60 times the number of businesses it means actually use the bucket can also be extended, extend the length of time it is to do with the quality of a bucket to measure. More formal manufacturers have reported a "five-year" period, imagine if you do not use the formal term for the manufacturers will determine how. Reporters in the aforementioned same identity and Shandong Specialists in drinking water barrels manufacturers made contact, the answer to the companys sales staff let reporters surprise: "How long can this bucket on your own, think how long How long does it. "perhaps this is a joke this salesperson, the drinking water barrels are better or worse have an expiration date, but it confirms the current chaotic drinking water barrels industry from the side. Industry standard urgently improve the situation described above does not occur though the vast majority of the market, but the numbers are definitely a minority, and lack of industry standards so that many unscrupulous traders are free to drill. According to public information display, the previous government has promulgated the "plastic food products and raw materials, health management approach" (Ministry of Health Order No. 8), plastic products manufacturing enterprises requirements: "Where the processing of plastic utensils, containers, food packaging materials, not (Peoples Republic of China Ministry of health order No. 78) in the use of recycled plastics. "However, this approach" abolished and declared invalid on <鏀规按闃叉不鍦版柟鎬ф盁涓瘨鏆傝鍔炴硶> and other 48 departmental rules of notice "is listed as repealed directory. The current standard requires constraint bucket manufacturers only "polycarbonate (PC) drinking water tank" (QB 2460-1999), "food containers, packaging materials polycarbonate moldings health standards" (GB 14942-1994) and "stereotypes packaged drinking water production hygiene norms" (GB 19304-2003). Dong Jinshi appeal in an interview with reporters: "In order to solve the problem of bisphenol A PC, avoiding market sinister barrel again, we deal with a bucket relevant standards improve, the market access system has been revisedImperative, the market calls for the introduction of new standards and manufacturing practices. "But the industry as a whole rely solely on industry-standard constraint is certainly not enough, some industry insiders told reporters 21st Century Business Herald, in the case of the gradual improvement of relevant standards, but also Strict bottled water production and sales of all aspects, improve drinking water quality and practitioners of moral standards, only two standards are raised, there is a negative event for the entire industry will be less and less, can truly safeguard the interests of consumers from the source.

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