Water pollution has become a big worry for the Chinesnation


   China Water pollution is a serious problem, everyone seems to know this, but the question is:? China Water Pollution how seriously to what extent

   it seems that we can see the large major media from time to time water pollution incidents reported involved from Hainan, Heilongjiang, from various regions of the East China Sea to the northwest, from rivers and lakes to the Gulf of various forms, at all levels from surface water to groundwater from the water source to all aspects of running water, no one spared. Carefully sort out the data in the report, but the more research the more frightening, it is simply "fear very fine thinking," Look at the following groups of data:!



   the country half of the top ten river water pollution, the countrys overall light pollution of surface water, where the Yellow River, Huaihe River, Haihe River, Liaohe River, Songhua River five water pollution, the extent of water pollution from heavy to light following order: Liaohe, Haihe, Huaihe River, Yellow River, Songhua River, Pearl River and Yangtze. Where the Liaohe River, Huaihe River, Yellow River, Haihe River Basin has more than 70% of the rivers contaminated ......


   state-controlled key lakes, water quality pollution level of 39.3%. 31 large freshwater lakes, 17 moderately polluted or slightly polluted, Lake, Yangcheng Lake, lake, Jingpohu impressively, Dianchi heavy pollution ......

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