US private equity firm once again bet on Chinas envirmental


   United States, "Wall Street Journal" Web site February 11, 2014 entitled "private equity investors to enter Chinas environmental cleanup business," the article said, in view of the Chinese government to re-recognize the urgency of purifying air and water, private stake in the company once again bet on Chinas environmental protection industry.

   According to the Hong Kong private research center of Asia equity, after the 2012 downturn, private equity firms in 2013 investment of Chinese environmental protection-related businesses totaled $ 1.2 billion, accounting for 7.1% Chinese private total investment , setting a historical record.

   According to reports, private equity investments for environmental protection soaring backdrop, Beijing released two major policy statement on environmental protection. August 2013, Chinas State Council issued a document that will support energy-saving environmental protection industry with more than 15% of the average annual growth rate of growth, the total output value in 2015 reached 4.5 trillion yuan. In November, as a way to control pollution, the Communist Party of China agreed to let the market play a "decisive role" in the allocation of resources, also said polluting enterprises will be subject to more severe penalties.

   reported that, however, while these transactions are significant, but still did not cause much concern. This is because most of the transactions involved are relatively basic technology designed to purify China only serious deterioration of the environment - in short, aims to make the country catch up with Western countries. Innovative technology has not caught on.

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