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   kitchen water purifier has a coarse filter, activated carbon adsorption, ion exchange resins, belonging to the water treatment apparatus. With the improvement of peoples quality requirements, kitchen water purifier been welcomed by many housewives. Next, small series to tell you about the role of kitchen water purifier and installation procedures.




kitchen water purifier what role there? How to install kitchen water filter? (Photo from Internet)

   kitchen water filter effect

   1, saving household spending to protect health of their families

   If the kitchen is not installed a water purifier, you may also choose bottled water, so down if need three buckets of water a month, then monthly expenditure is about 30-50 yuan, fancy is not much, but after a few years will find that this is not a small expenditure. After installing a water purifier and can last a lifetime for us, so no matter how calculated, they are the most cost-effective to buy a water purifier.

   2, healthy drinking water quality sweet

   With industrial development, water pollution is getting worse, more serious especially in some big cities such cases, which allow people to bring drinking water more damage, but since the installation of water purifiers, was more at ease in terms of drinking water, so install at home kitchen water purifier is very necessary.

   3, kitchen water is imminent

   The kitchen is where most of the water will drain a lot of water every day, if the use of water is not clean every day, which makes very worried, however, I installed a water purifier kitchen so that we can drink healthy water.

   kitchen water installation step

   Step a, before the first punch is mounted, and then fixed water purifier.

   Step two, first connecting water pipe, water main valve is closed, and then connected to a water purifier, interfaces with adhesive tape to prevent water leakage.

   Step three, at sewer aside some space trail, to avoid backflow of water in a water purifier, sewage outfall prevent "siphon" phenomenon.

   Step Four, when installed water purifiers, do not forget to screw fixed to prevent jitter.

   Step 5 is preferably always open the gate, the water purifier to debug.

   is above the kitchen water purifierAccordance with the relevant role and describes the steps, I hope you have a better understanding of the kitchen water purifier.

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