Seoul love good water purifier- defying inflammation day to


   Since the Volt, the scorching sun, sweltering temperatures in Guangxi history to break the record highest temperature extremes, and for several days to break 36 鈩? a record. Although the weather is unbearably hot, but the rhino feet Qinzhou town love Guy water purifier store employees in the post but still stick fighting, water purifier good publicity activities, so that more consumers in the summer to spend more secure, convenient smart water purification products.

鐖变匠灏斿噣姘村櫒锛氫笉鐣忕値鏃ヨ繋闅句笂 鍙负閫佷笂鍑€姘村噳

   rhino feet Qinzhou town love Guy water purifier store employees, in order to protect the clean water required for a multi-family, 6 oclock in the morning came spontaneously on their own work, when other people are still sleeping in a comfortable air-conditioned, they have to run around in the hot weather, start practicing their work.

鐖变匠灏斿噣姘村櫒锛氫笉鐣忕値鏃ヨ繋闅句笂 鍙负閫佷笂鍑€姘村噳

   the face of continuous high temperature and extremely severe propaganda mission, rhino feet Qinzhou town love Guy water purifier store employees did not flinch, but user demand for the water purifier instruction to fully meet market demand for the purpose of giving full play to hard work, indomitable fighting spirit, go all out to ensure the successful completion of the task of propaganda. From the booth to the scaffolding arrangement of the scene, from the loud yelling to distribute leaflets, from the introduction of the product to the demonstration experiment, each work in an orderly manner, employees sweat but still concentrate on promotional activities, their actions did not tired, there is no complaints, Zaikuzailei, bite the bullet, is still unknown to stick to their posts.

鐖变匠灏斿噣姘村櫒锛氫笉鐣忕値鏃ヨ繋闅句笂 鍙负閫佷笂鍑€姘村噳

   It employs rhino feet Qinzhou town love Guy water purifier store heat this fear, the courage to grasp the nettle of style, and plants breathe, and publicity synchronous transfer, and adapt to the market, the enterprise was able to sustained and rapid development. High temperatures, thanks to all fighting at high temperatures employees, you have worked hard!

   understand love Guy water purifier brand details, please click on 鐖变匠灏? width=

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