Water purifiers, spread to evy family is onla matt of time


   I do water purifier, first in a small water purifier manufacturers, and later came to the EcoWater mountain franchisees, the main job of the sale, the status quo for the water purification industry also has an intuitive understanding, of course, due to geographical reasons which, for the understanding of the whole industry is very one-sided, but for water purifier itself or have their own knowledge and understanding.

   water purification industry is still relatively very easy to Tucao people, even some people do make the investment of investment, fooled the peoples money. But we would like from another perspective, it can be seen that the water purification industry is actually a sunrise industry. Just scammers gold investment to attract consumers as the reason for choosing a water purifier as a gimmick, because the water purification industry profitable.

   In fact, it is undeniable, the water purification industry is a sunrise industry, of course, may not be all of a sudden blowout, but the future of water purification industry should not be bad, because the Chinese people for drinking water contamination problems, for their own health, for quality of life the pursuit of higher and higher. So as a daily drink of water, need water purifier also reasonable too.

   Many people may have some questions, supposedly about human drinking water purifiers, water purifiers why many families now does not it cold? I personally think there are two reasons, first, the entire net water heater industry by some people with ulterior motives to stir bad, such as the above-mentioned investment hoodwinked people, like want to divide a piece of cake to eat in the industry, but there is no core technology allows purification capacity of water purifier to play a role, the passage of time also give consumers a wrong impression, do not use a water purifier with a sample. The second reason, I think it is consumer awareness is not high water purifiers, water purifiers do not know a lot of people compared to boil tap water, then bottled drinking water, bottled water or buy bottled water where the benefits.

   So here for everyone to popularize. After boil tap water, scale, heavy metals, volatile substances such as bacteria and dead bodies, will be left in the water, bring pollution. There after a long pipeline, rust, silt, bacteria, etc. can not be cleanly removed.

   then drinking bottled water, mostly by the large water purifier is processed tap water, then come back perishable, that we should have fully understood it. Water prior to then come back, I feel very sweet, then come back after a period of time to put soft. This is the damage caused by secondary pollution bottled water, and pollution levelsDepending on the air quality index families.

   is then bottled water, and the occasional drink a drink okay, drink every day, the cost is too high.

   In fact, water purifiers, water purification in the final analysis is to see its capacity, domestic water purifier good point to reach 4-5 grade water purification, I do EcoWater mountain can reach six, after all British brand, people do 30 years, the purification material is not the same, or that EcoWater mountain bar, it first stage filtration: filter out heavy metals, chlorine, sediment, rust, scale, suspended solids, colloids, bacteria; second stage filter: filter viruses, heavy metals, chlorine, scale; third stage filtration: removing heterochromatic odor and improve water taste.

   in the future for a long period of time, the water purification industry will be a sunrise industry, because the water is closely related with peoples health. While the domestic competition, it did not form a single large, but EcoWater Hill, several brands have occupied the domestic leading position, at this stage of the competition is to promote the one hand, and the core technology, on the other hand every brand thinking Distribution to make way local distributors and agents, because they occupy a place of channel resources, there is a very valued service industry, like EcoWater mountain on the establishment of a special team to deal with matters of after-sales service, the intensity of competition visible industry a.

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