Secrets of pp cotton filter water purifiis you do not know


   PP cotton filter cartridge of the water purifier which is indispensable, it is cheap, stable, usually water treatment of pioneer. Today, Xiao Bian will take you to find out the advantages of PP cotton filter water purifier.


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pp cotton filter on the water purifier is that you do not know the secret (Photo from Internet)

   pp cotton filter raw materials are non-toxic and tasteless the polypropylene particles, which after heating and melting, spinning, traction, molded from acceptance. If the main raw material is polypropylene, also called polypropylene meltblown filter (good? Look, than the "splash splash cotton" tall).

   1, the chemical stability is very good PP cotton

   PP cotton chemical stability is very good, it is in addition to be concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated nitric acid attack, but not with a variety of other chemical formulation chemical reaction. Thus it can be acid and alkali resistance to organic solvents and oils, do not worry about its own secondary pollution.

   2, PP cotton filter adhesive is not present the risk of contamination of the other starting materials

   during processing, PP cotton filter does not need to bond with other materials, adhered to each other on their own entanglement, thereby forming a filter of various sizes, the risk of contamination by other materials present.

   3, PP cotton filter to filter unwanted power boost

   In the self-bonding process, forming a three-dimensional microporous labyrinth structure has a large specific surface area and higher pore rate. This makes PP cotton filter dirt holding capacity will be enormous, while allowing water to pass relatively quickly, no additional booster device, which means that a PP cotton filter does not require power boost.

   4.80% impurities in the PP is done cotton filter

   PP cotton multi-layered filtering structure, each layer can intercept the impurities in the water reservoir. Relatively thick outer layer of fibers, fine fiber inner layer, the outer layer of relatively loose, tight inner layer, multi-layer composition gradient structure. , Dirt holding capacity of such multilayer structure will be great, water purifier filter out 80% of the impurities in the PP is done cotton filter.

   is more than 4:00 PP cotton filter in a water purifier advantages, further to be noted that, PP cotton filter life is usually 3-6 months, it must be replaced regularly to ensure the water effect.

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