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  Water Pollution secondary pollution of drinking water can no longer be both in terms of time: 2017-02-24 22:18:33 human sixty trillion cells, all survived the fluid, the fluid cell to clean and clean, fluid is not clean, people on the president of this or that long, most social people only care about whether it is safe to eat, while ignoring the most crucial elements of life "water" quality. There are many sources of water, the largest source of pollution comes from the secondary water supply, if you live in high-rise residential, open the faucet at home every day, you know, out of the tap water is not really directly supplied by the water company, but by secondary water supply equipment to set up a cell in the water in the reservoir through the top floor after pressure to your home. Where are you from secondary pollution Chinese urban water supply systems, unlike most developed countries, is not a direct tube residents at home, but after the water into the area to build the pool or water tank, and then pressure, then the sub-duct distributed to residents. If the district does not perennial pond cleaning, disinfection or stamped locking, rain and foreign objects may enter the tank, sediment may accumulate harmful algae breeding. Very few tanks may have a dead rat, junk items rust and rust shedding skin, pests and other objects floating corpses appear. Secondary water supply supervision geometric Provincial Health Department issued a "health permits" and the Centers for Disease prevention and control of the province was awarded the "inspection report" as well as quality inspection department issued a "quality inspection report," These qualifications are secondary water supply equipment the most basic condition suppliers should have, but the effect of secondary water in the cell is not satisfactory, secondary water Collecting fees Disorderedly frequent, Jining City, No. 8 mansion home had secretly charged to residents receiving secondary water supply fee, secondary water supply facilities reconstruction dragged on, as early as 2012, the Nanjing Municipal government formulated the "secondary water supply management approach", the Nanjing Municipal Construction Committee and in 2013 Nianxia a secondary water supply facility improvement, "the main city in six districts implementation of views. " According to the plan, Nanjing to basically completed secondary water supply facilities renovation work within two years. As of the end of November 2014, Nanjing, completed a total renovation of residential secondary water supply facilities are more than 400 residents of a thorough investigation, the completion of the project 93, but only 18 completed the transformation. With water filter water purifier can be assured that it is now a lot of classification, a common filter with ultrafiltration machine, pure water machine, as well as water softeners and other styles varied, outdoor, wall, cup , tap type, mesa, kitchen formula, pipeline,Central water purifiers, with water purifiers, water to be assured that the purchase is the key. Choose what kind of water purifier, water quality mainly determined by the location of residence, personal water needs, and treatment effect. In addition, water purification learning knowledge, is a necessary step in the success of clean water. Human tissue for more than 70% of all water under normal cycle, every four to six weeks, the body of water is necessary to update the entire cycle again. So we have to give enough attention to the drinking water every day, because the quality of drinking water quality and peoples health are closely related. Buy a suitable home water purifier, a water purifier using purely physical filtration method, can effectively remove various pollutants, such as bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, scale (calcium and magnesium, etc.), volatile substances, rust, sand, etc., and the cost of bottled water is relatively much lower, good water taste, to drink without boiling, it is ideal for families with drinking water solutions.

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