Water purifier market confusion of the three products soat c


   At present, the water purification industry has developed rapidly, but at the same time, water purification equipment, there is urgent need to relieve multiple confusion. Industry experts pointed out that the presence of the following three main issues.


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confusion of the water purifier market three products so that consumers Interpreting (Photo from Internet)

   the standard of the confusion: there is no uniform scale

   in the water purifier market, the manufacturers claim that drinking water standards are different, so that consumers can not find north. Various European and American standards, international standards, it is complicated, but what quality standards closer to the mark, filter out of the water better achieve safe, healthy drinking levels, consumers lack confidence. At present, the domestic market more water purification industry standards, there are standards developed by health, home appliances, quality control, environmental protection and water associations, rough count there are as many as six. These standards developed by various regulatory authorities, different emphases, but the lack of integration of a wide range of "big frame."

   According to reports, the current state departments have issued standard necessity, but there are limitations, for water purification products mandatory national standard production standard in the absence of state. This means that no one can be widely accepted, and can guide the practice of specific production enterprise "rules", business loss. "Some standards lack specific targets, such as water purifiers ultrafiltration membranes, reverse osmosis membranes, nanofiltration belong to emerging technologies, how to apply these techniques to production processes, there is no detailed terms to follow." A industry insiders said. "Market demand rising, new technologies continue to emerge, which requires national standards should be fully taken into account in the development process. In addition, such as raw materials, spare parts and other pipelines and water safety are also important factors to ensure that the relevant safety standards also need to developed for this purpose, should promote the introduction of uniform standards as soon as possible. "

   health of the confusion: plausible benefits

   will find many electronics stores, a variety of related water purifier".. technology " It is manifold. Lined with shops where each brand has its own water purifier to seize the market "gimmick" from the "three filters" to four, five layers of filtration Competition; the "reverse osmosis" to "ultrafiltration membrane "the core technology contest, competition is very fierce. Some businesses is a call for "raw water filtration, maternal drinking" slogan.

   opened a vendor brochures, drinking water was shocked to read eachKinds of effects, such as anti-aging, enhance disease resistance, eliminate sub-health status. Whether these functions fly it? "Although some drinking water removes harmful substances in the water, but the same will be beneficial to human body potassium, calcium and magnesium minerals to precipitate. In addition, bicarbonate may also lead content in drinking water fall, thereby enabling increased renal acid load value, increasing the risk of osteoporosis in humans occurred after experts "engaged in a long-term study of public health, told reporters. "Some products even exist technical vacuity, mentioned only international technology in the propaganda, but did not do real materials, resulting in a functional but no effect, so many consumers did not spend money to buy health . "

   a number of powerful features, so that consumers know what to do. "Water quality professional equipment and laboratory tests may be needed, the individual is difficult to judge the quality of our drinking water health exactly who is in charge?" "Some manufacturers will be hype, such claim to the preparation of small molecules of water, alkaline water or active water, this is actually a pretty name of the first, few health benefits. "a direct drinking water equipment manufacturing enterprises responsible person with respect.

   efficiency of the confusion: a potential waste of resources

   According to reports, most manufacturers now purification efficiency dispenser is 3: 1, the input-output but only 4 cups water 1 cup of pure water, the remaining 3 cups is undrinkable, it can only be wasted.

   Although it is a core technology of some foreign manufacturers water purifier, so that the filtered water can reach 1: 1 effect, the input-output 2 cups water 1 cup of drinking water, but such equipment is expensive. "Filtration efficiency and filter accuracy, if there is a contradiction between each other so that less waste water, filtration of quality there is a problem; but if you make a high quality filter, will bring more water wastage and therefore how to ensure. At the same time filtering accuracy, but also improve the filtration efficiency, while allowing prices are more close to the people, is the future of the field of water purification urgent problem. "an industry expert said.

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