Water purification industry has entered a golden age of the


   In recent years, water purifiers and more and more recognized by consumers, the rapid development trend. Such changes in many water purifier dealers, is loved. Therefore, there are more dealers to join, want a slice. So, for the dealers, how to choose their own water purifier brand?


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   select the strength of the brand to reduce investment risk [ 123]

   every dealer or agent, choose a water purifier, as investment in stocks, promising to choose the strength of the stock. Water purifiers After years of development, many companies have mature and stable stage. Select a relatively few large and competitive potential of the brand can shorten the payback time, reduce the investment risk.

   water purifier market positioning and competitive advantage

   correctly positioned, in order to have better development goals. Throughout all sectors, according to consumer tastes, consumption levels, can be classified as a luxury brand - upscale - high-grade - low-grade, water purifiers can also be divided according to the case. No matter how distinguished, each level has its own brand loyal consumer groups. With respect to the high-end water purifier brand, basically into the industry earlier water purifier brands that are more thorough cities, due to the low-end brands into the industry late, did not grasp the core production technology in the industry update frequency greater competition, consumers can easily fade out of sight. While the high-end water purifier brand people buy the most broad, but the choice of high-end brands to choose differentiated brand positioning, in order to better meet market demand, more to stimulate consumer desire to buy. Choose the strength of the water purifier brand, brings good prospects for development.

   water purifier water purifier dealers in the choice of brands but also consider many factors, such as available funds, management, market environment, etc., only practical investigation and analysis, in order dealers water purifier market get the maximum benefit.

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