Six steps to install a water purifier knowledge necessary


   family life in a safe and healthy drinking water, non-toxic and harmless important equipment, household water purifiers since launch to get peoples trust and recognition, but also household water purifiers will also become the home as a way to ensure one of the devices prepared. So, how to install home water purifier is it? Following small for friends briefly explain the installation process of household water purifier.




to install water purifiers six steps necessary to understand (Photo from Internet)

   The first step: preparation of

   [123 ] refers to the preparatory work prior to installing a water purifier, tools in the process can be applied to the need to prepare the installation is complete, but also need to check the installation of water purifiers related accessories are complete.

   Second step: determining the mounting position of the water purifier, and purified water is fixed


   Generally, the water purifier is installed at the bottom of the basin in the kitchen. During installation, to punch, fixed to the fixed fitting purifier. Note that the process of drilling hole depth, pitch and other factors.

   Third step: the water pipe connected to the water purifier

   This process needs to close the water valve, but the connection must be reliable, non-water leakage.

   The fourth step: connecting the sewage outfall

   This procedure is particularly the outfall sewer is connected with the water purifier, and the outfall directly into the kitchen sewage pipes.

   Step8: water purifier purifying and clean water outlet tap

   This procedure is necessary to ensure a proper connection pipe specifications in order to ensure correct connection.

   Sixth Step: The purified tap installed

   This purification process is to say place the basin faucet fixed, easy to use.

   Further, after the completion of safety, the total water needed to open the valve, open the water purifier, check all tubing connections obtained is intact, ensuring purifier can be used normally.

   The above content is household water purifiers installation of six steps, interested friends can install these six steps to install their own water purifier Oh! However, small or remind you that water purifier installed by professionals or try to, so that the greatest degree of protection of the right to install water purifier.

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