Water purifier entprise play -Fans economy- will not -seduce


   In this era of economic fans, who have a sufficient number of fans, who will be able to achieve its commercial value. The so-called fans economy is through their own business or personal, tangible and intangible brand products, a large number of loyal users polymerization, which formed a huge "fan" as the cornerstone of the business value chain. Whether online or offline, the ultimate goal is to attract consumers, another way of saying that is smoke powder. Therefore, the water purifier business marketing first and foremost is to gather fans.




water purifier enterprises play "Fans economy" will not "seduce" how-line (Photo from Internet)

   filled with the traditional net-like compared drainage way, the biggest advantage of Internet marketing is accurate, precise analysis such as advertising delivery can be achieved by big data, you can quickly capture potential customers are around the shops by their own LBS technology. However, the water purifier business line looks polyethylene powder is also not so easy to do, not to say a construction official website, apply for a micro-channel, microblogging will be able to attract fans to come to know the fans will not take the initiative to fly to your bowl come, there must be sufficient "seduce" means the job.

   precise positioning

   good positioning, which is a prerequisite for brand communication and polyethylene powder. Micro letter, for example, water purifier business is to build public number or service number, is a multiple number or combination of numbers, what is the function of each number to distinguish. One, the number used to make public the brand new powder spread and expand, while the service number used to make the customer experience precipitation, boot deal.

   In addition, the public name and number of head positioning style to do well, go sell Meng is still the official line route, which is also related to the later content style.

   It is also very important that the water purifier business value proposition of micro-channel platform, users can solve any problems through this platform, in other words, the user can focus on what you get. For example, merchandise discounts, fun and interesting line activities, certain aspects of knowledge, and so, we must talk clearly. An accurate positioning is the premise of forming circles and communities of fans concerned about the conversion rate and churn, largely depends on your position.

   accumulation seed users

   accumulation seed users. Kevin Kelly in the "technical elements" a book that: "Any person making art - just have 1000 die-hard fans will be able to make ends meet. "In fact, more than artistic creators, as long as any of us have 1000 die-hard fans, life is no problem. What a huge fan of that? Is that no matter what your creative work, no matter what products you sell, people are willing to pay for you. [ 123]

   millet now has tens of millions on social media fans, but also by the original 100 "dream sponsor" (iron) came slowly spread. purifier enterprises to gather dust, we must first development of a number of iron powder, iron powder choices are so few criteria: First, highly consistent with your values; the second is keen interactive sharing; Third, opinion leaders

   then seed purifier micro signal. how do users get it? the first is to find them, this is actually not difficult, because the current QQ group, micro-channel group, paste it, the community in general, property tags, such as food, tourism, iT, etc., which based on community interest or industry group are generally more accurate, the conversion rate is relatively high, water purifier companies can try.

   newly created account due to the relatively small base of fans, it is difficult to push forward with daily sent attract more attention , so most users need a group of seeds, of course, seed users gather there are many ways, such as sending gifts activities, forwarding prizes, such as polite attention, but should be noted that induce interest only as an aid, the net water enterprise in order to develop an ongoing relationship with the fans, we must agree on the value reached.

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