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   With the continuous development of water purification industry, investment work has now become an effective means of many enterprises to expand the water purifier market space and relieve stress. But in the actual development process, some dealers By ignoring the importance of the development strategy, leading to unsatisfactory profitability. In this case, water purification agents need to find the problem, targeted solution to usher in a new development situation.


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   limited water purification agents market information sources

   for water purification agents, the market changes information is particularly critical, but look at the current water purifier market, a lot of water purification agents source of information is very limited, no relevant channels to provide sufficient information to the dealer, especially with the current business closely related industry data feed, and because big business should be to look after the daily, read books and newspapers less time, and even fewer have access to information via the Internet. The lack of timely and effective advice to industry changes in the direction of many new market trends, habits can only be based on personal experience to make judgments, often leads to directional errors.

   dealer development affected stores

   At present in most regions, manufacturers and distributors are single contact, if cooperation in the negative point of the accident, then, manufacturers have the strength and intellectual resources much larger than the dealer, the dealer also often suffer more, and manufacturers can find very calm dealers, continue to do his business in the local dealer also suffer only feel powerless and frustrated. At the same time, the vast majority of water purification agents are doing in the name of a single vendor to negotiate with stores, a limited grasp of the hand commodity chips, and the relatively limited experience in negotiations, easy to store one by one break, become the object of press stores.

   water purification agents lack of market strategic guidance

   There are many dealers also understand the importance of consulting, training, and very capable dealer needs experts to guide in the development of strategic planning Since, however due to the consulting firms fees are more expensive, difficult to bear a single distributor, manufacturer of some dealers with a lot of training and tendentious, targeted, not much practical value.

   Thus, in particularly fierce market competition in the market, water purification agents must also be able to discern changes in the marketForce, under the influence of many factors, water purification agents of development relatively little embarrassed, recognized the market in question, the only identify the direction, to get the desired development.

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