Water purifier market continues to adjust the online channel


   In recent years, "health" is increasingly becoming home appliances purchase of keywords, also contributed to the growing number of categories, such as water purifiers. However, this year, the water purifier market presents some new features.

   channels: offline frustrated, online hot

   analyze the data according to the PRC recently released 2020 Q1 market water purifier market in 2020 Q1 retail sales under water purifier line fell 52.4%, 53.8% decline in retail sales; online retail sales grew 43.5%, retail sales grew 12.1%.

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   online retail sales accounting increased from 21% in 2019 to 33% of the year.

   nail technology believe that such changes, and the impact of the epidemic on the line channels are not unrelated, but also with the line about the limited installation also related to lower product prices online. However, it also reflects the new trends of channels, the future market share of online water purifier or continue to rise.

   products: the end of the line, desktop, tap the strong performance of the product

   According to the PRC data, 2020Q1 end water purifier online market sales of 12.58 million units, up 59% over online market average growth.

   momentum or price factors, 2020Q1, the end of the water purifier prices further downwards, online price drop over 20%.

   However, the market share of the end water purifiers, low price, although achieved good growth in Q1 online, but it must help reverse the difficult period the overall market trend.

   desktop drink straight, faucet water filter also has a good growth momentum.

   According to the PRC data, desktop direct drink sales share from 2019 6% to 9% over the same period; tap water purifier sales share from 5 to 12%.

   Nail Technology believes that such a condition, or disease-related, due to the impact the epidemic, the line installation is limited. Meanwhile, the "free installation" products not only easy to use, some products cost more prominent, more likely to be epistemic user acceptance.

   brand: a leading US online, offline under A.O. Smith strong

   look at the frontWater purification market.

   According to the PRC data, online marketplace to 23.3% of the US market share for the first, Haier share of 13.6% in the second row, Patio third largest market share of 7.9%. The share of the three-year average annual 2019 saw a decline, in which the Patio largest decline, 4.1%. The

   Gree online pre-purifier market ranked fourth, the share was 7.6%, the first quarter of 2019, Gree has not yet launched related products, growth momentum is still relatively strong.

   offline market, in the first row is A.O. Smith, market share reached 19.9%; Patio ranked second in market share of 12.2%; the United States ranked third, the market share of 9.3%.

   with roughly the same trend line, the head of the brand share of all there was a certain decline.

   pre-purifier market, the head of the brand, though still occupy a large proportion, but on-line, the line was there was a certain decline, with the rise coming brand, or appear to change the future of the industry pattern.

   Look at the end of purification market.

   purifier line end market, Haier, millet top three. Market share of 12.8%, respectively, 12.2%, 12.1%.

   a small gap between the head of the brand, with the end of the line water purifier market will be regarded highly, or brand pattern appear to change.

   at market ToP3 line A.O. Smith, United States, Patio.

   A.O. Smith with 25.8% share, ranked first; US share of 19.4%, ranked second; Patio 12.3%, ranking third.

   This year, public health events, and consumer appliance manufacturers are more health-conscious products, the future or the water purifier market will continue to grow. However, from the data, the head of the brands control of power began to decline in the future as more and more budding players to join, or market structure change.

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