Rongshida water purifier tailored marketing flexibility


鑽d簨杈惧噣姘村櫒 閲忎綋瑁佽。Homepage<a href= target=_blank><strong>Homepage</strong></a>鐏垫椿钀ラ攢 With the rapid development of the water industry, marketing has become the main battlefield of competition in the industry. Many dealers friendsm rather confused. Marketing is a big topic right, but is not no way to start, as long as see through the appearance of nature, clearly recognize that the constituent elements of marketing, understand and grasp the main points of marketing, will be able to choose a good match or develop and market their own conditions marketing strategies and improve profitability.

   analyze the market environment

   analyze the market environment is to develop the premise of the right marketing strategy. To grasp the market demand, dealers can make in the development of targeted marketing strategy, will minimize the risk. With three or four markets, lower level 34 market economy, geography more closed, with more social groups, and therefore the experiential marketing consultant, marketing science incorporated marketing strategy, it would be easier to open marketing situation. On the contrary, a secondary market of high economic level, geographical environment and opening up, social alienation, it is more appropriate to consider event marketing, cultural marketing, focusing on means to enhance the brand as an important part of the marketing strategy.

   grasp of consumer psychology

   obtained the consumer is the ultimate goal of marketing, so to grasp the consumer psychology is the key to the development of marketing strategies. Different consumer groups have different consumer psychology, to understand consumer demand and consumption purposes, can effectively improve the success rate of marketing strategy. For example, the pursuit of high quality and high quality of life of consumers would pay more attention to service detail, then take the "1-2-1 marketing" will increase ROI and customer loyalty; and ordinary consumers are more concerned about issues such as product cost , the effectiveness of the use of suitable price priority or the public will be more effective marketing tool.

   recognize the product advantages

   product advantages here include the analysis of this product analysis and Competitive Analysis, to know ourselves. In marketing, the product will inevitably be used to compare with other products, if you can not understand the product and competing products own advantages and disadvantages, developed marketing strategy will also have serious drawbacks. With self-priming function of water purification machines, with strong competitiveness in the lack of water pressure or pressure instability in the region; while such as wall-mounted heating RO machine is more suitable for a secondary market for home use, so the development of marketing strategies, may Distribution to adjust the amount of different types of water purification machines in different regions.

   to select marketing platform

   marketing strategy through to final marketing platformTo perform, select marketing platform needs to take into account their own situation and target groups focused. Currently affecting the younger generation throughout the business environment, pay attention to the pursuit of differentiation, personalization and diversification, are also dependent on the Internet, then relying on Internet marketing from media better match up; the traditional target groups, using mass media , outdoor advertising and facilitate daily contact marketing platform is able to achieve better results.

   marketing is a very complex system, a variety of marketing strategy is "squandering For beautiful eyes", blindly apply 4PS, 4VS other classic marketing models often lead into deadlock. But in fact the original aim, all marketing activities should be based on the above four points, after a clear "market environment", "consumer psychology", "Advantages" and "marketing platform", with its own environment, flexible combination of marketing, developing the correct marketing strategy is no longer difficult.

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