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  "Water efficiency leader" who influenced the author: Tim net water purification Views: 714 Date: 2016-5-3 14:42:47 consumers now, more and more sophisticated, not only concerned about the quality of the product itself and products effect, but also very interested in other product parameters such as energy consumption. Ministry issued the "leader effect of water action plan", the machine will involve a variety of various types of water saving potential appliances, TV, refrigerator, home water purifier, etc. are selected. 鈥滄按鏁堥璺戣€呪€濆奖鍝嶄簡璋乢瀹剁敤鍑€姘村櫒 program requirements must be integrated into the market size fish, and water-saving potential and technological trends and relevant industry standards. Household washing machines, household water purification machines, faucets, toilet and other aquatic products closely related to the peoples will require the implementation of water efficiency leader to lead the action. And access to water efficiency leader title, subject to the following conditions: First, the performance indicators of water first water-level performance indicators to reach the national standard 1 or more, and for the advanced level of similar products, but also need to have inspection agency accreditation of issued by a third party inspection report or obtain water efficiency approved certification body of water-saving product certification. Second, mass production scale products for the mass production of styling products to achieve a certain sales volume. Third, the product quality requirements of product quality excellent performance, that is to say national product quality supervision and inspection of law enforcement within the last year, the brand products have no failure, no quality violations. Fourth, the qualification Qualification for enterprise, there are also requirements. Production enterprises in mainland China legitimate independent legal entity, with a complete quality management system, a sound system and good after-sales service supply capability. 鈥滄按鏁堥璺戣€呪€濆奖鍝嶄簡璋乢瀹剁敤鍑€姘存満 through water efficiency leader in mobile enterprise products, you will be able to use the above icon on product packaging. This is for consumers to identify seafood has played a positive role in the wizard. 鐨? data-media-type=

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