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   water purifier industry is developing rapidly, market competition is fierce and cruel. In the terminal industry, in addition to strength, more importantly, it has a marketing initiative as well as avant-garde thinking. Acting as the dealer, if you stand still, it is difficult foothold in the home building materials market, you need to think about their own business strength and a way. Why some agents will do well, poor management of it?


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   One reason: do not focus on a brand

   Some do brand dealers used to be started by doing hodge , then these no-name dealers see no future, why they choose the agent promising brand manufacturers. But some dealers agents of a brand, but also privately retain their previous business-name, they think it will be higher insurance factor.

   In fact, do not operate a single-minded brand of water purifier dealers greater risk. Because, if the operating multiple brands, their energy is dispersed, financial resources, if the brand management is not up, manufacturers will be on dealers are not satisfied, even made the decision to replace the dealer, the dealers efforts will pay East flow.

   for two reasons: lack of novelty mode of operation

   diligence and pragmatism, the traditional Chinese virtues most water purifier dealers who embodied particularly evident. Inside and outside the shop every day size of the transaction is themselves, not to authorize the clerk, and he is afraid to leave the store, this spirit is really admirable.

   in the initial stage of the business, the boss hands everything is necessary. But the problem also lies in here, if anything is the boss arranged, less competent employees get a promotion, employees feel a strong ability to space did not play, we have to mention the dedication of the boss. A few years later, he earned a little money, but the boss did not build a capable management team.


This traditional mode of operation, in a little less mature markets can get some early results, but with the expansion of the market, as well as increased competition, this approach is obviously behind the times, this time more It is to rely on strength of the team to compete. Otherwise, the result is the dealer boss tired half to death, but the business is getting worse, manufacturers might be a "dealer can not keep up the speed of development of the company" and ruthlessly eliminated.

   three reasons: excessive dependence Promotion increment

   terminal sales promotion is to increase a weapon, which can not do without water purifier dealers. But also the promotion stimulant, it can only play the role of a temporary sales move up, promotion too often will produce side effects.


In the fierce competition in the market water purifier, the merchant or promotion is "to die", but frequently do promotion is "seeking death." Promotional efforts every time, more and more often, the result is the dealers sales increased by seemingly landed pocket money has changed little, and the price is also sold more lower.

   Now, more and more water purifier dealers had found himself "promotion dependency syndrome", did not engage in sales promotion, a promotion not profit.

   no hard and fast market, there is no easy access to profitable business. Do water purifier agent, change themselves, to win more benefits. To change the thinking, it is imperative!

   (Source: Department of Water Purifier permanent public number, invasion deleted)

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