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   In recent years, with increased water pollution, water purifier gradually popular in the market, many agents have joined the water purification industry. The truth is, water purifier is good but do not do good, do good to say, because our water purifier market share is still very low, the market potential; that is not good to do, because a large number of manufacturers and dealers adding that the water purification industry market confusion, fierce competition. But water purifier store to be successful business actually not difficult, you know, every successful stores are inseparable from the following four points.


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patronized gathered in large stores selling water purifiers make four recommendations

   First: Select the location of your success is to start

   Having said that, it is estimated that no one will deny, of course, this is not propaganda, says feng shui, but the flow of people crossing the road and those are what peoples problems, the general location of a cell at the better. Store location is critical, water purifier store location for business success or not, it is to play a significant role.

   water purifier is not equivalent to conventional marketing mature industry marketing, he is often required to engage in business activities to attract the campaign trail into the store to increase sales. In this regard, a successful agent introduced to: store location questions, good location downtown traffic was large or large supermarkets nearby, in the upscale district near the building materials market these kitchen appliances is the preferred location . After determining their own position is located, began planning publicity activities of the program, supermarkets near by attracting publicity activities, the area near the free trial installation, building materials near the kitchen can cooperate together and so on.

   Second: Innovation is the right way, but bearing in mind that innovation is not chaos

   innovation is not out of hand, many people will get a lot of problems this confusion, innovation needs to be considered, but more from the locals the heart needs to start with.

   whenever a business of any successful store has its own unique bright spot, people are intoxicated or decoration, either very new product or service has done very well, either designed to be very reasonable price. If these features not one, then think about it, to break it, and strive to achieve the above talking about. For example, you can do a free water quality testing at the door of the store, in short, so that passers-by can stay more time in your store, the more impressed you.

   Third, Reviewing the Old, the division may beCarry

   Confucius said: "! Reviewing the Old, can serve as a teacher" water purifier business want to abide by this principle, but it should also become one of the habits that everyone has, and continues to accumulate every customer transaction process, including communication, action, methods, etc., over time will realize a set of exclusive marketing programs; also summarize the reasons the customer does not deal, for example, is a product not suitable, or the price can not accept, or for water purification effect is not enough trust, be learning to solve these problems, then be analyzed together in order to correct the next time, this way, the success will come.

   On the operations side, we must maintain a reasonable price products, can not do ultra low-cost promotions, the latter can not be extracted in order to avoid human and financial resources to provide the necessary services. In the product price designs, the total profit distribution part of it, this part of the profits by way of a product or service to the customer.

   Fourth, the marketing of the Road, first love people love you

   marketing of the Road need to slowly realize, marketing will keep every customers into the store does not slip away.

   truths is not to say, their own businesses, often to empathy, the consumer point of view to think about why buy this product, what features to attract to themselves, as long as the customer understands mind to worry about not sell goods. Also in the customer did not want to put on a deal among the humble gesture, to ask, to listen to why are not satisfied with our product, consumers are willing to talk, which is what the owner needs to know and be improved. The deal fails virtue marketing of the Road This is a very deep knowledge in, before the exchange itself will be fine mind, a way to explain that is everywhere and considerate, until finally you will understand that it is actually everywhere for their own sake, but to do this at this point, your thoughts almost simultaneously, then do not worry about not sell their products.

   water industry is a great deal of gold, everyone has the opportunity to share, share so big it depends on their own means, the so-called long as the effort deep strokes fell great oaks, grinding practiced many times, many times successfully, failed several times, eventually achievements generation king.

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