Water purifier waste watand clean it



   water purifier waste water clean? Many people think it is dirty, it is not.




With increasingly prone water pollution incidents and peoples pursuit of healthy living, home reverse osmosis water purifier industry has begun to enter the golden period of development. Can effectively remove harmful substances and impurities, purification efficiency is high become a common reverse osmosis water purification selling machine. But the poignant is that it will produce large amounts of waste water. Then the water purifier waste water clean? Can do?


current output water purifier water purification and wastewater market than the average is about 1:3, but the winter temperature by reverse osmosis membrane impact, while generating quantitative clean water, will produce more "waste."


According to insiders, the current water purifier on the market, the ratio of which may be purified water and concentrated water "is the ratio of concentrated water" modulate, selected by the manufacturer. In order to extend the life of the RO membrane and to achieve a good treatment effect, the manufacturer will generally adjust to the water utilization rate is only 16 to 20%, a large amount of concentrated water discharged directly into the sewer, causing staggering waste.


residential and commercial reverse osmosis water purification unit has a filter 5, which produces the concentrated water only through the front three treatment, after two failed elapsed. Therefore, in addition to slightly higher salt than tap water, most other indicators are much better than tap water.


For the "micro Wastewater" home reverse osmosis water purification recently emerging, "micro waste water" is to reduce the surface concentration of water (wash water), and the ratio of water (drinking water) (in shortened the cost of the life of RO membrane), but it is the key to high-quality washed with water as a "waste" in vain drained it and the so-called "conventional waste" waste water is no different in essence.


through these presentations, I believe you know its clean and waste water purifier knowledge of it. You also promise that you will ask: home water purifier it is necessary to install small advice you should not blindly, need to decide according to their own home water quality, water quality standard is actually based on what family does not need to drink small knowledge base?.




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