The new upgrade marketing, marketing scenis evitable!


  The new upgrade marketing, marketing scene is inevitable! Time: 2019-06-14 10:15:01 consumer behavior are carried out in a particular scene, a scene to consumers through product knowledge, consumers have different needs in different scenarios enterprises to develop marketing needs under the relevant scene, selling the product and consumer demand relative access, effectively touch the consumer point of pain and itch point, the emotional resonance with consumers, stimulate the desire to buy, and establish a good interactive relationship and the formation of consumer loyalty and stickiness. 1. Scene marketing is the basis of so-called user brand experience scene, is simply a variety of scenarios people working life, time, space, background, human behavior and relationships with each other form the structure of the scene. In a scene of human life, business practices have the opportunity to get involved, and through a variety of actions, and ultimately commercialize scene. Business scene by the user in the life and work demand-driven scenarios to complete a series of related experience behavior thereof. For example, the contact information, VR virtual scene, shopping, use, service, sharing, and so on. Each experience behavior can have a lot of experience points subdivided into: sources of information, contact method, trading, logistics, learning to use, service personnel, service processes, to share channels, etc., experience points each segment will allow users to produce micro feelings, commercial architecture built on the scene of the user experience point and enterprises, experience points together constitute the users overall impression and feeling, when this feeling firmly engraved in the users mind, lingering, cut it constantly, and formed a strong preference, unique association when it formed a brand belonging to the user. In order to better facilitate the formation of the brand, marketing enterprises in carrying out a scene, usually around enterprise established marketing strategy and brand expansion thrust to guide the user to experience a more natural. Holland branding expert, Mr. Shen added that: the consumer experience acts are carried out in a particular scene, a scene to consumers through awareness of the product, consumers in different scenarios, for the product or service experience feelings and memories are different, the same wine in star hotels and roadside restaurants consumption, to give consumers the feeling and memory are different, with a home appliance repair service, you enjoy the manufacturers and service professionals you from the roadside repair shop asked people to service, the same can be repaired, but gives you the feeling is not the same. So, you want to create a good user experience, the first thing toUser-centric, build a complete business scene. 2. scene to give the product a vivid sense of the scene plays an important role in brand marketing, we can easily understand the scene in which the overall time for the consumer, as well as the space around the characters, environmental factors, in this sense, the scene is a specific "consumer scenarios." Consumer scenarios include external stimuli and feelings two aspects influence consumers to buy and behavior, the environment in which consumers themselves, "recalling the tragic", the association and specific behavior, on different occasions, show different consumer behavior ; at a particular point in time, there will be different from the desire to buy and behavior of other times. By means of specific consumer scenarios, time-specific products and consumers, location, behavior, etc. can be connected together to effectively promote the users intention to use the product, and create a good brand experience. Holland branding expert, Mr. Shen added that: Scene endow products with vivid meaning. That scene brand, same thing, in different scenes, in fact, represents the meaning is different. Such as drinks, in different scenarios can mean different demands, which is also a wine, as long as the different scenarios, consumers can form different feelings and experiences, brands and products are only carriers scene of it, given the festive atmosphere of the wedding to drinks ; gift giver performance of the mind. 3. The story of brand communication and brand are scenes and stories with a temperature of product combinations and scenarios, different scenes brought a different additional significance. Health experts believe that the brand Shen Holland: any enterprise in shaping the brand, the brand must consider the idea of 鈥嬧€媢sing stories to explain the concept of the brand into the scene, the story of the brand, the story of the scene, to maximize the detonation of peoples interest, trigger people immersive participation and interaction, triggering peoples values 鈥嬧€媟esonate, so that people can stay in the understanding and recognition of the brand. Brands must have a story, and the story will create a scene. In recent years, "Chu orange" hot, in the final analysis, "Chu orange" behind the inspirational story of a fall from peak to trough, and then re-create the myth legend was from "the tobacco king" to jail, and from " prisoner "to" Chinese orange King ", Chu Shijian success that many people sigh. Brand communication to be reproduced scenes of life in the form of stories, to explore the scene contains the human spirit, to restore the value of life behind the scenes. Brand story through vivid scenes of life into the brand to life through vivid stories scene image, promote consumer sentimentResonance, and guide consumers a sense of participation, so that consumers become the protagonist of the scene, and enhance the quality of brand communication through common experience, take the initiative to accept the brand, from the emotional favorite brands, thus forming intimate relationships of mutual trust and brand. 4. Conduct a scene the way of marketing enterprises to develop scenarios of marketing, brand building. First, we must conscientiously insight into consumer demand and reality, the study of consumer lifestyles and values, for the consumer, "portrait", analysis of consumer habits and consumer behavior, a true representation of consumers life scenes, sketch consumers ideal life scenario, the product is embedded in the scene, impress consumers, stimulate consumer desires. Second, we must build the value of the experience scene, focus on user experience, impressed for the user and unforgettable memories. According to the interaction between scenes, products and consumer engagement, experience is divided into three dimensions, consumers first, although the ground, but the degree of hands-on participation is not high. For example, the terminal stores, the company held a variety of activities, including press conferences, seminars, symposia, forums and so on; the second is the consumer fully involved, such as mobile phone experience shop, museum and health, etc., hundred percent of consumers experience the value of the product, the formation of brand awareness; Third, consumers do not visit the scene enterprises to build, but views the scene through visual and auditory senses, with scenes of association and enterprises to build interaction, such as watch propaganda videos, listen to brand story, experience scene value. The purpose is that companies build a scene so that consumers have the desire to consume in the course of experience in order to achieve marketing objectives. Third, to carry out marketing scene to scene and based on real life the individual needs of consumers, at the right time and place for consumers to push valuable information and services, and consumers in the use of the product in the process can also be feedback provided to enterprises, through the interaction between consumers, increasing consumer confidence in the brand. In the past, tracking real-life scenarios and immediacy of the needs of consumers, it is very difficult to do, but in the mobile Internet technology is highly developed today, companies can keep abreast of consumer behavioral data and scene information. By considering multiple levels of user location, time, and other behavioral requirements, different scenarios segmentation and positioning needs of users, thereby greatly optimize the user experience, it is to make the product life integration, truly for the consumer create value. Scene marketing time has come, people are living in the scene, consumer demand from the previous productionGoods and services turned to scenes experience. This is a necessary requirement requires companies to use scene mode of thinking, remodeling business models and operational processes, pay more attention to the value in marketing to meet consumer demand scenario, better brand.

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