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  Your home water purifier is in the production of drinking water it? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 975 Published: 2014-12-4 17:11:30 your home water purifier in the production of drinking water it? In this modern society, the health problem is getting peoples attention. Recently, the safety of drinking water is constantly in peoples attention. Tim net water purifier that currently buy a home water purifier consumer continues to increase, but a lot of people after the purchase of a water purifier thought it was sit back and relax, everyone knows, water purifiers also need regular maintenance and clear, it will not only life will reduce the safety of drinking water will also be a severe test. Water purifiers use and maintenance need to be considered when external conditions can not be less install water purifiers, like some gas stoves, water heaters and other high-temperature heat source body is sure to avoid close, Tim net water purifier that if the water purifier has long been a high temperature bake roasted, which produce plastic parts may be melted or burned, which a great influence on the life of the water purifier. Also, note that when installing a water purifier to avoid direct by the sun, the water purifier exposed to sunlight regret produce blue algae, which is harmful to the human body, if not the place you want to install to the light, you can take in the vicinity of water purifier a sun visor, to block light. Daily life, if there is a few days without the use of water purifiers, again use is to pay attention to a few minutes to wash water purifier until the water in the inner water purifier drained. Here also remind you that the water purifier using membrane filter will always be in a wet state, if ultrafiltration membrane drying may result in decreased water production, and can not be restored. Water filter should be changed regularly and wash the filter in order to ensure the quality of different water purifier is also very different, so when buying water purifier sure to ask pipe filter cartridge which is one of the main common filter PP cotton, activated carbon, ultrafiltration, exchange resins, the RO several reverse osmosis, which can be regenerated exchange resin with brine, ultrafiltration can be carried out by the pressure of the backwash water pressure. Different filter life is different, need to replace the natural cycles are not the same. PP cotton general life of 3-5 months, bulk carbon, activated carbon life of 6-8 months, the RO RO is 3 - 5 years. For whole house water purification central water purifier filter life is generally 5 to 10 years, because the general central waterDevice comes with backwash function, which can extend the life of the filter. Tim net water purification remind consumers in the purchase of water purification products are also sure to ask specific cartridge life is long, only to ensure timely replace the filter, in order to ensure the normal operation of the machine. In addition, also important for the cleaning and disinfection of piping and other components, because otherwise contaminated water purification apparatus caused by the same water hazards can not be underestimated. Tim net water purification explained that it therefore must go to regular stores to buy regular water purification products, and to ask the cleaning unit of water purification filters and pipes, etc., sterilization time and manner.

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