Thousands of boiling water you drink constipation



   Generally speaking thousands of boiling water is repeatedly boiled water, generally can not drink, then drink thousands of boiling water it will constipation? Xiaobian together to learn to understand it.




thousands of boiling water is harmful to the body? For a long time to drink thousands of boiling water, the water of harmful substances can interfere with peoples gastrointestinal function, can also cause hypoxia, severe convulsions, coma, and even death, so that thousands of boiling water for drinking is very harmful to people, then roll to drink one thousand constipation and more will do?


Because of the harmful substances can interfere with thousands of boiling water in the human gastrointestinal function, people would often temporary diarrhea, abdominal distension, under normal circumstances is not constipation.


At present, for good clean drinking water is good to drink tap water or inconsistent expert advice. Some experts believe that drinking water is add water, no need to consider nutrition issues. Other experts believe that tap water has many trace elements and inorganic salts, beneficial to humans. So in the end what nutritional tap water it? 1000 ml of water zinc and iron content of less than 0.2 mg, adults need zinc 10 mg -15 mg, 12 mg -18 mg of iron. From the daily intake of trace elements in water of less than 1 mg, and trace elements needed by the human body it is negligible compared to.


but water containing calcium, high magnesium, the human body there are certain advantages. Because the real pure water through layers of filtration, to remove the impurities in the water generally, trace elements, salts and pathogenic bacteria, safe non-toxic, non-polluting, hygiene, the human body is good, but the missing elements can be from food intake. Therefore, if economic conditions permit, the purchase is really pure water, which is human progress. However, due to the current production of pure water were very irregular, to fish, if bought substandard product, but harmful.


then drink tap Whats wrong with it? Tap water is through water plant strictly control the production under quality conditions, but some high-rise buildings of the tank if there is contamination cause for concern, there have been news reports, the US hotel happened murders while the corpse even on the top floor of the tank up to one week long.


turned out to be a problem so much water, that in the end how to run? Experts say, in fact, water purifier clean water, this water through the RO reverse osmosis filtration, removes harmful substances in water, including heavy metals and drinking water purifier installed in the terminal andSelf clean function, to avoid secondary pollution.


The above is for everyone on some common-sense knowledge of the contents of thousands of boiling water, if you are interested in small home water knowledge, then continue to browse other sections of this site content it describes.




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