Water does not -embarrassing- whole house water purificion s


   comedy movie "Lost in Hong Kong" is aggressively, in real life, we rarely encounter in general comedy movie "embarrassing" territory, but often encounter some serious and Interpreting the "embarrassing" situation, For example, drinking water safety issues. Difficult to guarantee the quality of tap water, buy water purifier has become a water quality to ensure that consumers who rely believe, the current water purifier to buy, specially designed for everyone to pick up two whole house water filter, so that they give you and multiple family protection.

   [Anda Kang ADK-1400 whole house water purifiers]

   Anda Kang ADK-1400 whole house water purifiers parameters:


   [123 ] this product effectively remove sediment, rust, suspended solids, viruses, bacteria, algae and organic molecules and other harmful substances, to retain beneficial minerals and trace elements in water, so you have a clean and healthy whole house water purification system.

   This section whole house water purifier series features:

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   1, import PS stable membrane performance, strong anti-pollution, completely remove the water various impurities, bacteria and other harmful substances, retain beneficial minerals and trace elements;

   2, high performance ion exchange technology, comprehensive family softening drinking water, reducing the incidence of gallstone disease, maintaining health of their families ;

   3, imports quality KDF, silver coconut shell activated carbon, removal of heavy metals, resistance to bacteria, to ensure water safety;


   4, SUS304 stainless steel imports a housing, in strict accordance with U.S. NSF standard design, resistance to high pressure, acid;

   5, simplifies the traditional water purifier, a large-capacity single body designed to replace the traditional multi-element combinations, a cleaner, healthier, better taste.

   6, luxurious 304 stainless steel lead-free drinking water faucet, one casting, internal and external homogeneous, comparable to the art of casting process, for you and your family more health and safety protection.

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