[Remind] Tian net to potential safety problems of drinkg wat


  [Remind] Tian net to potential safety problems of drinking water: Tim net water purification Views: 328 Published: 2018-9-12 16:29:08 pollution incident often major media exposure, let us aware of the potential safety problems of drinking water have to prevent. Daily life, as an individual family, we can only use the sense of smell, and visual senses to distinguish the rough water quality characteristics of tap water. Water color yellow, has a chlorine taste stimuli, boiled water sedimentation scale and other floating debris, bad taste and other issues which are encountered daily. But these are normal inhabitants of the positioning problems, generally only the responsible department announced a substance contaminated tap water is not drinkable so that when the outbreak will be aware of water pollution has led to consolidation without water, there would habitually supermarket buying another event bottled water. Some experts believe that perhaps there have been incidents of water pollution in the region, the water quality was more secure, relevant departments will be able to devote more effort and money to try to ensure that the outbreak is no longer such a pollution incident. Instead residents are now in a safe area of 鈥嬧€媤ater, the relevant departments will be unprepared, would be too believe that local water quality and safety, water pollution can also cause potential harm. Water purifier is divided into a new type of home appliances, has turned to the role of life just to be a luxury product from the initial water purifier will play the role of clean water in more families. Relative to the developed countries more than 70% of the water purifier penetration rate, Chinas huge market and more worrying characteristics of water quality, water purifier in China will speed the development of greatly accelerated. In the absence of a water pollution hazard you may encounter are very lucky, however, the potential for water pollution hazards are urging us, drinking water purifier has been required to escort us up.

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