Rural water purifier to combat illegal ses wilprotect people


   Recently, foreign traders have appeared in the meridian dam village, the "delivery to the countryside" in the name, through false propaganda, in the countryside selling counterfeit small appliances, water purifiers and other shoddy goods at night, against the farmers interests of consumers, disrupt the rural market order. To crack down on such illegal activities to protect the interests of the masses, maintaining rural market order, meridian market supervision in accordance with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, "on strengthening the" delivery to the countryside "campaign supervision notice" requirements and arrangements of the Council, to actively seek Town party committee and government support, rural water purifier Take Measures to crack down on illegal will sell.

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   First, attach great importance to conscientiously study and see through the rural water purification products will sell illegal scam, improve their regulation and law enforcement capacity.

   meridian market regulator attaches great importance to the fight against rural water purifiers will sell illegal work, it has held two of the works would study the deployment of this work.宸ユ鍠勫叾浜嬪繀鍏堝埄鍏跺櫒, video through the Internet to find relevant information, the whole organization to learn, to see through the scam rural water purifier unlawful pin, grasp the legal basis for the fight against illegal will pin.

   rural household water purifiers unlawful sales process: foreigners holding a business license Chuxiong the local operation of the electrical, water purifier manufacturer of business licenses, health permits, product inspection reports and other material qualification, night staff to relatively dense villages lease a site, through the first three nights and villagers engaged in small talk, tell family stories and other means to get closer to the villagers, the end of the event free of charge every night plastic pots, brooms and other small objects, continue to attract villagers to participate; fourth night, began to talk about the topic of healthy drinking water, villagers with tap water at home to do the field test, the results of the villagers brought the water in the test became cloudy, then these people told the villagers, the villagers have been drinking at home tap water is not clean, becomes cloudy during the test, so that long-term drinking water is easy to get cancer; after the change of muddy water into them to bring water purifiers, water purifiers after filtration immediately became clear; then began to villagers introduction of the importance of healthy drinking water, and their water purifier is how advanced, can guarantee the villagers drink safe and secure drinking water, and is engaged in the activities of home appliances to the countryside, five or six thousand of the original price of 2580 yuan only sell water purifiers, At the same time sending their worth more than a thousand of rice cookers, induction cooker and other small appliances. First, the villagers are scared becomes muddy water test, fearing health of their families, then there are big businesses preferential, spent 2580 yuan can buy the value of sixSeven thousand water purifiers and home appliances, allowing family members to drink safe and secure drinking water, which is very cost-effective, so many villagers will have to dig into their pockets to start buying water purifiers.

   rural water purifiers will sell illegal scam: First, false propaganda, so-called test tap water becomes muddy, in fact, is the use of electrolysis bar, tap water, purified water to form a cell, redox reactions, tap water electrolytic precipitation of iron rods, so that the water becomes cloudy, and in order to imply that the villagers, long-term drinking this water will get cancer; the second is fake, the selling water purifiers, in fact, is the black mill manufacturers of counterfeit products, trademark affixed regular factory, small appliances also sent three non-product, there is a big quality and safety problems; Third, consumption of infringement, counterfeiting of water purifiers, small appliances take delivery of cost does not exceed $ 800, but with 2580 yuan price to sell the villagers.

   rural water purifiers will sell illegal scam in violation of the law: 1, "Peoples Republic of China Anti-Unfair Competition Law" Article 9 An operator shall not use advertisement or other means, on the quality, composition, properties, uses, producer, expiration date, origin, etc false and misleading propaganda. 2, "Peoples Republic of China Product Quality Law" Article V prohibits fraudulent use of counterfeit certification marks or other product quality marks; prohibition of origin of counterfeit products, counterfeiting or fraudulent use of name and others, the site; prohibition of the production, sales of products in mixed heteroaryl, adulteration, impurities, shoddy. 3, "Peoples Republic of China Consumer Protection Law" Article 20 to provide information about the goods or services of quality, performance, use, expiration date and other consumers should be true and comprehensive, may not make false or misleading publicity.

   Second, gain support, departmental interaction, forming a blow rural water purifier unlawful sales force.

   meridian market regulators are promptly on rural water purifier sales illegal would report to the leaders in charge of the town, the town leaders attach great importance, for the town party committee and government support, issued a "meridian town in the fight against pyramid schemes, rural illegal water purifiers will sell special rectification program ", held meridian to combat pyramid schemes cum-rural town water purifiers will sell special rectification of illegal mobilization, to make arrangements for special work by the deputy mayor, requires each village with meridian market supervision undertaken to combat pyramid schemes, will sell water purifiers illegal propaganda, once discovered pyramid schemes, water purifiers unlawful marketing activities, to notify the first time the city of meridianField supervision of the police station and Meridian, the two units to the village after receiving the report, the first time to join forces in the fight against organized forces, and earnestly safeguard the interests of the people, the fight against pyramid schemes, water purifier "home appliances" scam, let criminals in the meridian never foothold.


   Third, the widely publicized expose of rural water purifier will sell illegal scam to increase public awareness of fraud prevention.

   published in the micro-channel group in the fight against illegal rural water purifier will sell the relevant requirements, cadres and workers of the town, village by radio, text messaging platform, from relatives and friends, the villagers publicize anti-fraud knowledge, we found the net illegally will sell water, a first time for market supervision provided clues, mobilized the masses to fight against illegal rural water purifiers will sell.

   strong support of the Meridian market regulators where each village secretary and director of primary and secondary school principals, team leader will use the opportunity to open the village, went to law Yap, deer should, Qi wood, dawn to mouth five village, carried out by exposing play the way rural water purifier illegal scam will sell the video to nearly 140 village cadres publicity, so that they understand the scam purifier unlawful pins, each group and ask them to open an account in the long then the time will be programs to educate the villagers will not provide the venue for the illegal sales, if found to be illegal sales, the first time to report to the committee.

   a cadre of market supervision by each primary and secondary school recess time, went to Meridian High School, high school Yunlong, Yunlong, dawn, deer appropriate to mouth, only Luo, Yuan eight primary and secondary schools, to nearly 1655 schoolchildren illegal propaganda on rural water purifier scam will sell knowledge, small hands holding a large hand, ask students to go home to parents after the publicity, improve villagers awareness of fraud prevention.

   days erection of street use propaganda point play about rural water purifiers to expose illegal propaganda video scam will sell to the masses go to the market, so that the people understand the true face of the water purifier unlawful pins, raise awareness of fraud prevention.

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