5 minutes before get off work I decided to open a ste water


  Members purifier bigwigs, Hello, everyone evening, my little brother Yang Yang is China water purifier net. 640.webp Recently, on my side there were such a thing: the harm I do not want to tangle continue to write this article because I want to quit too floating, or I do not get the knife? ? ? The cause of the problem is this - two months ago I was on station in order to write the article I tried to think of when sitting diagonally across from Xiao Bian colleagues suddenly said to me: Dude I want to quit did so many years Xiao Bian website Im going to open a water purifier store your own boss 640.webp (1) me:? ? ? ? ? ? 640.webp (2) six months ago, I sat in my still inclined opposite one another in sales colleagues to think hard when a poster at the station suddenly said to me: this phone call, the customer too many recent intention to join the water purifier it seems the market behind the water purification industry is really huge ah I was not also go to open a water purifier store thats when I suddenly thought of me sitting diagonally across the small series, when his eyes shining in shiny seems that when he saw an opportunity and I still ah ...... but Im not an honest editor that good birds greener pastures I do not want to code word code word ah every day since my own business when a colleague after the boss, I detailed study of the water purification industry: foreign water purifier penetration rate reached 70% of domestic water pollution, healthy water to drink after every household water purifier has become a trend in the dry so many years of my small series of water purifiers filter effect is still very, very critical that I accepted the resignation of Xiao Bian colleagues last month earn my salary for three months here I can not help think of I laughed aloud when I have a boss ha ha ha ha 涓嬭浇 now that I think about what is in front of the agency brand water purifier screen you are like me and not have the urge to quit it! ! ! Clean water agent! ! ! 640.webp (3)

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