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  Food safety issues now emerging, and even drink water but also people do not trust, so many people will choose to use water filter to purify tap water again. Then consumers the question: purified water purifier in the end what is it? Water purifiers really work? Heres a look at the details. (Source: the source of clean water organ network security, intrusion deleted) even if the water is pure water, water from the faucet to the family, not to mention high-rise buildings and underground reservoirs of pollution, several pollution is bound to exist. 1, a galvanized iron rust piped water, water and iron oxidation occurs, to form a red iron oxide, black generation further oxidation of iron oxide. New buildings in the pipeline is more easily oxidized, almost all of them have had experience, every morning the first turn on the tap, the redness of the substances in the water that is rust. (Source: the source of clean water organ network security, intrusion deleted) Iron is an essential element, but as one of the indicators of drinking water, the iron content per liter of water should not exceed 0.3 mg. If the naked eye can distinguish the color of rust in water, or to taste the taste of rust, then the iron content in the water is greatly exceeded, the iron content exceeded, not only perception, poor taste, long-term drinking, will increase the burden on the kidneys, resulting in the endocrine system disorders, hypertension and other illnesses. 2, lead and other heavy metals in the water during transport there will lead many heavy metals into the water. (Source: the source of clean water organ network security, intrusion deleted) long-term drinking will increase the human liver, kidney burden, easily lead to liver disease, kidney, heart, nervous system aspects; this time choose a good water purifier manufacturers is particularly important. 3, is a strong oxidant chlorobenzyl chloride, with pungent odor and taste odor, chlorine disinfectant water is widely used internationally, chlorination is chlorine, a predetermined time after the contact, the amount of residual chlorine in the water. (Source: the source of clean water organ network security, intrusion deleted) in accordance with international requirements, safety is the amount of chlorine pipe network peripheral (the tap at home) should be maintained at 0.05 mg / liter of water to control the growth of bacteria in the delivery process, so for City tap water contains chlorine. 4, bacteria, whether it is surface water or ground water as water, tap water of bacteria, E. coli can be said to be everywhere. Water is the source of life. Water contains nutrients, water and thermal stability relative, thus providing growth, reproduction, an excellent environment for all types of bacteria. (Source: the source of clean water organ network security, intrusion deleted) evenWater contains a trace amount of nutrients, but bacteria, viruses will survive and breed, all people know the dangers of bacteria and viruses. Water purifier can you do? (Source: organ network, the source of fresh water, invasion deleted) water purifier capable of suspended solids and the product harmful organic compounds, inorganic compounds, heavy metals, bacteria, and mineral retention vector elements needed by the body except . Water through the water purification process, although no different from the water surface of the original, but the quality has been a significant change, water purifier manufacturers works produced by a variety of water purification filter, a water purification layer , the purpose of removing impurities. Water purifier cartridge includes granular activated carbon filter, a reverse osmosis filter and a post carbon filter, the filter material is preferably not only remove impurities sediment, rust, bacteria, suspended solids in water, removing the water odor, but also can be removed water, calcium, magnesium and other metal ions and radioactive material, soften water completely purified. Purification of the filter material very poor in general. Further more purifier filter level, the more fine filtration, purification effect also depends on the quality of the water purifier water purifier itself. , The source of water purification machines, using RO reverse osmosis technology, which can effectively filter water impurities, heavy metals, healthy drinking water for the family put up the last line of defense! No need to waste effort, water quality at home will be able to always force. (Source: Ann source of clean water organ network, invasion deleted) (Source: source of clean water organ network security, intrusion deleted)

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