Quality home water purifier should have threelements


   We all know that the core components of water purifier filters, however, in addition to the important parts of the filter, a perfect home water purifier is also an indispensable element which needs it? Together under the understanding of it!




three elements quality home water purifier should have (picture from the network)

   1, high-quality activated carbon

   activated Carbon in Water knockdown fully plays the role and distal ends, it is a very good adsorbent materials, it is the use of charcoal, charcoal, husk and various quality coal as raw materials by physical and chemical methods of raw materials crushed, sieved, catalyst activation, rinsing, drying and screening a series of processes from manufacturing, which has the dual properties of chemical adsorption and physical adsorption, water adsorption can select various materials in order to achieve decolorization an object of deodorization and volatile organic compounds and removal of chemical contamination and the like.

   Application of clean water adsorption capacity is better: powdered activated carbon and granular activated carbon. Powdered activated carbon is actually a particle size finer granular activated carbon. Because of small particles, large surface area, it is better than the commonly adsorption of granular activated carbon. Granular activated carbon in water purification is the most commonly used active carbon, the smaller the particle, the better the adsorption.

   2, PP cotton quality

   PP cotton generally appear in the first filter in a water purifier, having a dirt holding capacity, long life, low cost. Filter structure for coarse fiber layer, the inner layer of fine fibers, loose outer layer, the inner diameter of the gradient graded-tight structure. Unique gradient depth filtration residue formed a perspective effect, it has a high porosity, high retention, a large amount of pollutant, high flow, low pressure drop characteristics. Its main role is rough, i.e. a primary filter, filtering sediment things, this visible rust large particles.

   PP to use a cotton filter, the high density kneader and has built up, it means that compression is high, and precision filtration are longer life, whereas the soft large pressure PP cotton or use may be spread out after a long time, resulting in decreased filtration, affecting the normal operation of the machine.

   3, intimate details and intelligent

   as a high-quality water purifier to filter water is an essential good, but bring a better user experience is a kind of sublimation, like someIntelliSense features can be applied to reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble on the water purifier. Filter life prompted this feature is very necessary, in time to know the condition of the filter, in time for the core, avoid drinking water source of secondary pollution. There leakage alarm, automatic washing, etc., will experience increased, the water purifier to become a real machine service people, not tie him human.

   Now, household water purifiers gaining popularity, how to choose a suitable water purifier products become the focus of attention of many consumers, I hope this article helps you to buy.

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