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   concerned about water purification industry trends, inventory Weekly News. Review last week, the EU Pu On the water purifier manufacturers and dealers how to "fall in love"; Wanquan up to teach you a ratio, a second election, three look to buy a water purifier to get the problem. Here, the Chinese water purifier small plait ( takes you review last week (June 15 - June 21) water purifiers top ten hot news.

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   teach you a ratio of Wanquan, a second election, three look to buy a water purifier to get the problem

   [123 ] changes with the weather, water has become a very important thing. Consumers pick for water purifiers, the best choice is the big companies and big brands, good product support services provided by the company, do not dumped because of small and low-cost extract, but not the more expensive the price it can The higher the reliability, the consumer must understand this point. [Click for more]

   On Europe Hui Pu water purifier manufacturers and dealers how to "fall in love"

   water purifier manufacturers from dozens of development to the current status of hundreds of benefit the product technology is constantly breakthroughs, also benefited from the popularity and efforts to end dealers. Cultivate a reseller difficult to maintain a good best distributors more difficult, difficult as both men and women fall in love. Like "love easily spend hard!" [Click for more]

   How to improve water purifier sales and marketing capability level

   face is in the hot "water appliances" under the boom , and water purifiers as one of "water appliances" for products, natural sales has also become a popular profession, on the other hand, major office buildings everywhere flower, various large and small construction companies due to the demand for office space is also a water purifier continues to rise, water purifier sales are directly to consumers. [Click for more]

   one step ahead of the water purifier is your wealth

   or future water purifier market will re-shuffle, small brands in the market competition facing difficulties. Even challenge and an opportunity, if you find a good connection, then the small brands in the market competition can only de-Ying, and steady progress, which has won purifier wealth opportunities! [Click for more]

   special "lover "spring water purifier to protect the familys drinking water health

   water purifier, has a variety of homeTing "soft refurbishment" of essential products, why a warning from the United Nations Organization issued:? 21 century, the water crisis will be the first to face the fact that human beings, at least 50,000 people worldwide have died from drinking by day diseases caused by contaminated water. Due to water pollution, sewage has become a human health invisible killer. [Click for more]

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