Water purification industry increasgly clear developmentto t


   water purification industry has experienced nearly two decades of development, has made great progress, improve product matures up, the number of large and small stage water purifier brand has more than four thousand, industry great "crowded" of the situation, the brand gathered to agents, the end consumer in the purchase of the brand brought a lot of trouble, on the sidelines more and more people, industry development must solve this problem, so As a result, the water purification industry will enter a new stage of development.



   First, the scale of

   Looking at China water purifier industry, we can find regional agglomeration increasingly obvious, at the same time, we also found that Chinese water purifier the industry is still based on small and medium enterprises as the mainstay of the industry.

   In fact, with the introduction of large-scale production of advanced production technology advances and production equipment, water purification industry is inevitable. On the current market, the water purifier prices ranging from $ 1000-3000 in prices on the whole are more expensive, in order to ensure product quality while reducing production costs, then to achieve mass production is the best choice; and with the current mass production companies have launched a thousand or so pure water.

   Second, the brand

   Now consumers are increasingly focused on the brand, consumer water purifier brand era is coming. People on the water purifier is not simply functional needs, but also decorative aesthetic needs, but Chang is needed personality. With the domestic economic development, peoples life has undergone fundamental changes, people need water purifier is also bound towards the development of health, environmental protection, brand direction.

   Since 2008, the water purification industry usher in a period of rapid development began, consumers in-depth understanding of water purifier products, more consumers will establish a water purifier consumer brand concept, pay more attention to the net aesthetic and artistic water heater, and more attention to the consumer and high-quality service to enjoy. Since the beginning of 2014, the water purification industry brand building is also frequently taken actions to strengthen the brand launched a series of promotion activities.



   again, intelligent

   people living privacy and convenience of home demand is steadily improving, intelligent home will become the next flashpoint in the market by the owner of the external remote control, to achieve security of home monitoring, remote control of various homeAppliances and facilities, such as remote automatic rice cooker to cook, the TV remote control in advance to record interesting programs, indoor open air preheat temperature, etc., to do everything possible to prepare for the home life after get off work. The future of smart home life, will be given more wisdom, let unexpected life changes. Water purifiers are becoming an important part of everyday life, naturally inevitable trend intelligence.

   Finally, personalized

   to a new stage of self-seeking innovative, water purifier manufacturers must have independent innovation and independent spirit of the brand, unique to the homogenization of the fierce competition in the industry .

   direction of development of water purification industry increasingly clear, although able to grasp the correct way to take advantage of to do this, follow the above trends brand will eventually become the market leader.

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