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because of water pollution, worldwide there are about 50 million children die each year 3500 people suffering from cardiovascular disease, 70 million people suffering from gallstone disease, 30 million people died of liver cancer and stomach cancer. Therefore, for family health, many people began to install the water purifier. But in our country, water purifier penetration rate is still very low, which in the end is why? Combination of multi-party survey data and access, our water purifier penetration rate is so low following main reasons.


1: Consumer awareness confused:


Although more and more people are concerned about household water purifiers, but overall, the Chinese peoples awareness of water purification equipment is very limited. Many times have the intention, but the lack of guidance or is itself simply do not understand this product. Very confused for water purification products, in a state of indecision.




2: water purification technology is relatively backward:


my country is now the production of water purification equipment business over 3000, but the real strength of the manufacturers are few. Many of which are not wading approval or no independent capacity, relying on the assembly. These companies are relatively backward technology, and truly master the core technology of manufacturing enterprises too little.




3: a wide variety of products available in the market:


the right to buy a water purifier is not easy, especially not understood friends. Baidu is the whole point of open advertising, hype, random people hearts. Various promotional cope with their "pure water", "active water", "energy water." I do not know where to start. And large and small brands plethora of different quality between different brands, different products, materials, prices are different. Consumers simply buy Which in the end is difficult to choose a water purifier.




4: too many counterfeit products:


Although the market has more than 3,000 brand manufacturers, but holds only about 1200 approval of the relevant wading. This leads to uneven quality of products on the market, some small businesses lack cutting-edge technology, it is geared to imitate others, the production of fake and shoddy products. Many consumers lack knowledgeDo not ability, are often vulnerable to fraud.




5: Product Complaint appears difficult problem:


water purifier water leakage problem is simply the most annoying users, a bad luck, the family is soak the floor. When complaints of indifferent customer service, or simply pass the buck. Many users had to stop to eat boring loss. And some sinister business to the village to deceive the simple lack of awareness of the villagers, left a very good reputation. This is also one of the reasons for our friends purifier prohibitive.




a variety of reasons led to the popularization of water purifier has become very difficult. For national health drinking water, water purification industrys business conscience will stand up to stop the development of this bad phenomenon with real technology.


charm still water purifier has an independent core filter production lines and the whole production line, and holds a water-word Guangdong issued by the Ministry of Health (2017) No. No. S9290 and S9317 wading approval. Adhering to the "factory will be moved into fresh water to millions of households, to make people drink healthy water" business vision continue to work for the National Health dedicated force.





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