The reason water is sometimes muddy pale yellow Did you know



is now home with tap water Why is there muddy, white, yellow it, read the following explanation, is not it will understand some of it?


1. The reason is mainly due to the muddy urban water supply pipeline of real hair burst pipes, into the sediment in the repair process. When you open the water supply valve to restore water, sediment as the impact of water, it may cause local, short-term phenomenon of muddy water, will soon return to normal.


2. The main reason is white water network dissolved air, by pressure decomposed into minute bubbles (not observed with the naked eye), tightly arranged bubbles flowing water will feel milky white, when the number of stationary vessel minutes later, as the bubble disappears, the water will become clear. This phenomenon does not affect the water quality. Another reason, some of the secondary water reservoir (tank) excessive microorganisms, adding a mild bleaching powder to produce a white-gray.


The main component of bleaching Ca (ClO) 2, Ca (OH) 2 and other components, the main active ingredient is calcium hypochlorite: 2Ca (ClO) 2 + 2H2O = Ca (OH) 2 + CaCl2 + 2HOCl. After drainage, the water flowing out is a mild white-gray color, and can be slightly pungent smell chlorine taste, After standing a few minutes, with a very small amount of minute particles precipitate (generally no). This phenomenon is not harmful to human health. If you are interested, you can observe the color of the water with a white transparent cup. Open the faucet turn on the water, observe the color of the water after the water flows into the cup, white water, you can observe the white gradually become clear upward from the bottom of the cup, which is dissolved in water, the phenomenon of gas. I.e. microbubble water gradually escapes from the bottom of the cup upwardly, and gradually becomes clear, and transparent. Adding bleach such as water, flows into the water in the cup, remove air bubbles formed white water, the water in the cup is still slightly observed white-gray, light can smell chlorine taste.


3. Yellow two reasons. First, from the user a summary table of the valve to the users home water causes corrosion of galvanized pipes or pipes used for many years due to the quality of the formed secondary pollution. This phenomenon is particularly prominent in the morning. Second, the use of secondary water supply facilities, water users, because the property unit fails to provide for regular brushing, disinfection pools and water tanks, likely to cause secondary pollution of tap water.

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