Olle net from the water purification industry to expandhmark



water purifier is the appliance industry as the last piece of bread, mushroomed in recent years the development of good and bad water purifier manufacturers on the market can be described as everywhere, Olle net from the water purification industry trends point of view, target market analysis, product positioning right consumer groups.


Tetralogy of industry to expand the channels, to seize the three or four markets

   Olle net after years of development, gradually formed the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, the two centralized industrial area, which yields the Pearl River Delta maximum, and mainly well-known brands represented. This is mainly due to second-tier cities large population base, convenient traffic conditions, high spending power, a mature market economy conditions to attract brands to [a listing will dominate the market, "commanding heights", establish a good brand image. However, in recent years, as the country focused on urbanization, 34 development potential of the market is the water purification industrys "new blood", companies need to focus on is the development of different markets according to different levels of consumer groups corresponding products style and marketing model, according to market research data, the introduction of a variety of ways to promote, study reference for dealers.

   tetralogy of water-saving water purification industry, consumer determines the market

   Olle net saving on this part, mainly refers to the pure water, pure water used at home consumers machine knows that pure water is equivalent to a "water rat", the general mechanism of pure water 1L, 2L will produce waste water, with the price rising, long-term use, for the family fortune small expenditure, the other does not meet the requirements of the national energy saving. Enterprises from the market would have been concerned about this issue at this stage to improve water conservation problem by two ideas, first of all, the customer at the time of installation of the machine can be connected to other waste pipes leading the wastewater can be used for vegetables, mopping the floor, flush toilets ; in addition, companies filter upgrade, have now upgraded from traditional film to reduce by nearly half the high-tech "clean core" technology, the latest use of "clean core" technology of pure water, wastewater Bibi general machinery, is currently the most water-saving one of pure water. Can predict the future water purifier and water conservation, environmental protection are inseparable.

   tetralogy of Chinese manufacturing industry development, quality brand cast

   According to data released 2014 - 2018 water purification machines and water purification industrys future outlook report showed that the countrys rapid economic development peoples living standards steadyAnd further improve the international market demand, in the context of international industrial transfer water purifier, will usher in the second period of rapid development, this period is not primarily to expand the amount of the main, but in order to improve the quality of the main. At this time the water purifier business must go "Made in China" to enter China "to create." To create a truly Chinese, is inseparable from the two necessary conditions: first, efforts to tap their own culture, the second is talent. Olle net stable grasping certain "quality to the brand," this principle to good machine, good reputation to win the market.

   industry development tetralogy of cross-border marketing, effective marketing to win market

   water purifier cross-marketing is well known marketing model, the consumer electronics market as the last piece of cake, I believe there will be more appliances, kitchen brand has plans to join the water purification industry. On the home appliance industry, the success of cross-border marketing of a product can deepen consumer brand image through a variety of complementary brands, to minimize the interference effect of the same brand, brand to consumers to help companies from the industry brand change play a crucial role. Olle net has been strongly welcome friends to consult purifier marketing model, advocated cooperation and win-win business philosophy.

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