What is the material out of stainless steel cup



   is mainly composed of stainless steel cup liner and the shell component, the liner is on the insulation performance, and material of the housing is different, stainless steel material is also different.




cold weather, whether we are in or out of office, they both want to drink a relatively warm water, in which case we will think of stainless steel cup because the stainless steel cup having the insulation properties, many of my friends would choose a different style of stainless steel cups. So what material is stainless steel cup outside it? Inside stainless steel that has a liner, can have the insulation performance, below please find out more about the content knowledge of small household drinking water, we can hope to understand the relevant knowledge.


The reason why the stainless steel cup insulation, primarily using vacuum heat insulation technology, Swiss stainless mug and bottle are the same principles, are double hollow structure. Inner and outer tube are built by stainless steel, except that in the mug intermediate deprived of air, before the sealing glass seal materials will put a layer of carbon particles at the bottom of the cup, by a high temperature of 500 degrees so that the carbon particles full combustion, so that the air exhausted hollow portion, an effect almost complete vacuum. It is well known, the heat transfer medium is needed, and for the three modes of heat transfer is concerned, where the heat radiation is carried out in a vacuum. Accordingly, in order to further enhance the thermal insulation effect, the outer wall of the inner tube manufacturers plated with copper or aluminum, to form a smooth reflective surface, the tube comes out of the cup into the heat reflection cup. Similarly it can be explained, at the bottom of the thermos liner home "sharp" Once broken, the loss of intermediate vacuum effect, will not heat up, and then the silver and the glass liner mug or copper tube is the same principle aluminum of.


a lot of businesses in the process of production of stainless steel cup, the outer layer made of a very beautiful, well like many female friends, girls can go to choose a different style of stainless steel mug according to their needs. In the selection of stainless steel mug, be sure to buy the right to go to, but also the right to use stainless steel mug, so as to avoid stainless steel mug to transport affected. Proposed here female friends, buy stainless steel mug ,, is best to large super to buy.




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