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  Dry summer is about to hit, in order to continue to keep the skin moist and good metabolism, just like today, I explain in detail healthy drinking it.



   dry summer is about to hit, in order to continue to keep the skin moist and good metabolism,

   Today, just as we explain in detail the healthy drinking it.

   Modern medical survey found that 70% of the general body of water, the moisture content of the

   infant body even reach 75% to 80%,

   The body of the elderly moisture content is only 60 to 65%, this phenomenon is worthy of our attention!




   So, does this mean that when the body with age and aging,

   will continue to reduce the moisture content, until the end of life, the body of water will be reduced to a minimum life of it?

   According to medical research, it is. So it recommended security of your source water purifier three seconds fast heat, high-end technology,

   to speak of "Water is the source of life", the origin of life from the "water",

   Technology has long been All organisms on Earth proved almost entirely by the ocean evolved.

   three elements of human life: sun, air, water, sunlight and air, we can change little.

   but for water, we can take the initiative to change it, use it! If you ignore the water, it means ignoring the health!




  , the source of water purifier - water on the human body function

   鈶?help the body metabolism

   people a series of physiological and biochemical processes in the body of water must have involved

   such as food digestion, absorption, excretion of metabolic waste, starch and acid hydrolysis of proteins and the like.

   Important combinations of body fluid component 鈶?cells

   body is composed of 25% solids and 75% liquid composed. Various parts of the human body contain water.

   Water 91% -92% in human blood,Accounting for 70% in brain tissue to 85%

   Muscle 70% to 80%, 44% of bone and 50%.

   鈶?regulation of body temperature

   in various biochemical reactions in the body produces energy, if the temperature is too high will destroy the balancing body,

   Therefore, the human body through sweating heat divergence in maintain proper temperature.

   鈶?lubricant between the joints, muscles and bones

   the bodys joints without water lubrication, activities will be limited.

   human organs and vascular cells if not water lubricated, the material can not pass.




   According to the medical observation, lost 5% of the weight of the water will thirst, nausea;

   10 weight loss % of water will dizziness, headache, difficulty walking;

   lose weight can cause death when 20% water.

   That amount of water in the body when it has been unable to meet the above four basic vital functions,

   body systems can not function properly!

   Therefore, replenish moisture, very important to the human body,

   Do not wait until thirsty to add, when to feel thirsty, the body has entered a dry state!

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