, The source of a good -core- casting quality


  Food to the water first, as a source of water to clean! This is a story about water, this is a commitment to environmental protection team, which is a cause of concern to health. With a refined conscience



   food to the water first, clean water source!

   This is a story about water, this is a commitment in environmental protection team, which is a cause of concern to health.


   conscience a fine, die casting with good taste.

   a question wrong, we can correct, a common product is a problem we can replace, but water is the source of life, of production to Tai Shans spine, with peoples health and lives, Once it is a problem that is irreparable. So, the source of water purifiers uphold create a healthy and safe drinking water standards and sincere service to the mission of the people, the best products available to consumers.

   "The good is like water which benefits all things without struggle." We want to take good care of water have to respect the water, so clean water to local conditions, due to water net.


  , the source of water purifiers water purification focused for 13 years, specializing in water purification and the production of different types according to the water quality in different regions, from the practical problems of customers, with professional advantages and successful experience for our customers tailored suitable water solution that allows everyone in the world every family, access to safe water and healthy life, is the source of our peoples security lifelong struggle and the cause is our mission.


  , the source of the water purifier in domestic water purification technology has been a leader, forever leading technology for the consumer to ensure the production of safe drinking water purifier products. Excellent quality, perfect service, so that our products all over the country more than 30 provinces and autonomous regions, and exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and other countries and regions, won the trust of users.


   love the water, water, water purifiers, water purifiers, the source of not only to practice their social responsibility with excellent products and services, but also active in charity.

   In order to promote the development of the water industry, the source of our security people will be happy with a passion for details and to create good "Core "and quality, contributing to their efforts healthy drinking water to all mankind.


   Water is the source of life is the source of value, the water industry requires good core, also required the conscience. well water, safe source!

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