Review 2019- Listed companies get together and householelect


   "listing" is one of the keywords home industry in 2019, the Cubs Electric landing A-share market, actually home to complete the backdoor listing, the impact of capital markets become Opp ceiling upstart, other segments also have a number of companies successfully listed or through the relevant audits. Listed are a powerful means of corporate finance for a new round of expansion, and today take a look at what 2019 has a new home to be listed or listed companies.



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   electric kitchen: Bear appliances, smart kitchen electric Okuda

   is electric kitchen home industry large segments of the field in 2019 successfully listed companies, including Bear appliances, electric kitchen and other smart Okuda, the former is known for small kitchen appliances, while the latter focuses on integrated kitchen products. Two companies listed on the road reveals a different kitchen electric industry "play."

   August 23, 2019, the Cubs Electric Co., Ltd. in the small plates listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock code 002 959, 34.25 yuan per share. According to the prospectus, the Cubs Electric intends to raise funds used include "Winnie appliances small home appliances creative production and construction (big-five sand) project", including five projects. According to its three quarterly, 2019 January-September operating income appliances Bear 1.721 billion yuan, an increase of 30.56%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 168 million yuan, an increase of 40.52%.

   Zhejiang Okuda Electric Co. also smart kitchen last November accepted by the application for listing on GEM. Its prospectus shows that Okuda funds to be raised 782 million yuan, of which 568 million yuan for environmental protection integrated kitchen Industrial Park project, the project is put into production, is expected to add integrated kitchen production capacity 150,000 units / year. Okuda is mainly engaged in integrated kitchen modern new kitchen appliances product development, production and sales, the category accounted for 88.13% of main business income. It is worth mentioning that the list of shareholders Okuda include Macalline, family and other home stores giants.

   switches and sockets: Chicago Electric

   Bulls switch socket electrical field is the undisputed industry champion, bull stock is also part of the investment community dubbed the "bull."

   January 3 evening, the Commission approved the IPO approval Bull Group Co., Ltd. in accordance with statutory procedures. According to Chicago Electric previously disclosed in the prospectus, the company intends to release no more than 6,000 million shares outstanding, accounting for the total share capital after the release of no less than ten percent. The funds to be raised 4.887 billion yuan, the proceeds would be used for "an annual output of 410 million sets of wall switches and sockets production base construction project", "an annual output of 400 million units converter automation upgrade project", "an annual output of 180 million units LED lamp production base construction project "and so on.

   ceramic sanitary ware: Song Lin, Lin Jian, Lens

   2019, Song Lin First off market surges bathroom industry. August 2019, Xiamen Song Lin Technology Co., Ltd. in Shanghai Stock Exchange, stock code 603992. The number of shares issued Solex 4100 shares, issue price of 13.54 yuan / share, the proceeds would be used for "faucet, shower system relocation and expansion project" and "Showers and accessories expansion and technical transformation projects "Wait. Solex 2017, 2018 operating revenue of over 1.7 billion yuan, with exports accounting for over 75% of the business. With the listing, Song Lin layout in the whole house home has surfaced.


   After Solex, another "dark horse" is also critical to choose the listing. June 2019, the Commission disclosed Xiamen Jian Lin home health Ltd. IPO prospectus, Lin Jian number of shares to be issued 45 million, funds raised will be used to include kitchen and bath product lines, including expansion project the four projects. Jian Lin of business for export, the main customers include Musco, Kohler, Bi Jie, Moen, Kang Li roots, 3M, LIXIL, Magna, Ferguson and so on. As of now, Lin Jian has not yet announced a specific time to market and other details.


   by the end of 2019, in order to shower fortune Zhongshan Lens also revealed that coming soon. November 2019, the Commission on Zhongshan Lens Co., Ltd. home tutoring registration accepted for publicity. According to Lances official website information, the company was founded in 2002, main products are shower room, shower room Zhongshan City Industry Association unit. According to the corporate look up public information display, Lens occurred in September 2019 the company name was changed from "Zhongshan City Sanitary Ware Co. Lens" to "home Zhongshan Lens Co., Ltd.", the new household products business scope.

   home store: rankingHowever, House

   last year actually home market news ignited, the final completion of the A shares in the form of backdoor landing in Wuhans become home store giant Following Redstar has a successful listing.

   October 2019, Wuhan Zhongnan Commercial House had announced a reorganization of the matter by the SFC approval, which means that even homes backdoor Wuhan in the A-share market. December 26 the same year, "Wuhan Zhongnan Commercial" securities short changed "Easyhome", stock code 000785 still, the day opening price rose 1.48% to $ 11, actually home total market capitalization of 66.22 billion yuan. House had been actively implement the "three convergence" of new retail strategy, the listing provides good financial support for its future development.

   Ceiling: Opp home

   ceiling is one of the segments of the domestic industry in the low degree of concern, but last year set off a new wave of domestic products makes the industry received a great deal of attention. Meanwhile, as the industry leader in the A-share market impact, ceiling products industry and market awareness is also rising.

   in November 2019, Opp home by starting the SFC Co., Ltd., the company plans to raise capital of 918 million yuan for the construction of major infrastructure projects Opp (Jiaxing) production base, marketing channels construction projects. This is not the first time opp home market, as early as December 2006, the company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, after the completion of the privatization in 2016 fought in the domestic A-shares, and in 2020 January 15, Opp home issue a-shares in Shanghai stock exchange, the securities referred to "Opp home", stock code "603551", in this society issued a total of 4001 million shares outstanding.

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