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   water purification as a whole? Water is an integral part of our lives something thats a slight exaggeration is our life, how to remove the water smell it, removing the approach is simple, buy a water purifier can eliminate the odor in the water, next to the next.


We are now drinking tap water after the chlorine to purify, play the role of disinfection, if the water does not contain chlorine, then it only shows that tap water is not sterilized, as to how city tap water to remove chlorine taste, my simple solution is to boil the water and then, after, or buy chemical elements sodium thiosulfate (soda), can be treated, so it was safe to drink tap water how? Water purification good it is not required to buy a home water purifier was better point. Bought a home water purifier is not able to eliminate the chlorine taste of the water.


to a store to buy thiosulfate Chemicals that neutralizes chlorine. Commonly known as soda thiosulfate, no impact on the human body, can be assured; activated carbon filter installation is more appropriate method, activated carbon adsorption of free chlorine in water. Food plant food requires a lot of water, if you do not get rid of chlorine, there will be food odors, especially canned beverages. So food plants are using this method. Family activated charcoal water filter effect is very good, but one should pay attention to controlling the amount of water, not tap was very large (in particular depending on the size of the activated carbon filter); the second is in the frequent replacement of the activated carbon filter.


itself needs water disinfection, disinfection is now the best is chlorine.

   The basic concept of

Daily potable water:


1 tap water is processed through the natural water, after treatment with chlorination or chlorination for purifying water for drinking water life. Untreated source water is not tap water undrinkable.


2. Water is consistent with drinking water standards for drinking water as raw material, by electrodialysis, ion exchange, distillation or other suitable processing methods prepared, sealed in a container without any additive containing drinkable water.


3 mineral water from deep underground natural or artificial gush disclosed, unpolluted water underground mine;. A certain amount of mineral salts, trace elements or carbon dioxide gas; under normal circumstances its chemical composition, flow, temperature, etc. in the natural dynamic fluctuation range is relatively stable.


above is small series of brief, we hope to help more small household drinking water knowledge, so far at this site.




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