What happens occasionally drink unboiled water



   old people often tell us that life is not directly drink unboiled water, drink will cause diarrhea, occasional drink unboiled water then what will happen? Followed together learn to understand it.




whether the raw water is safe to drink it? Certainly does not work, because the raw water contains a lot of parasite eggs and other harmful microorganisms will be bad stomach after drinking, or when the lower body resistance will increase the likelihood of disease-causing, so Xiao Bian advise you best not to drink raw water, then what will happen occasionally drink tap water?


raw water contains a lot of parasite eggs and other harmful microorganisms, long-term drinking unboiled water is easy bad stomach, or when the lower body resistance will increase gastrointestinal disease-causing the possibility of more serious may be infected with parasites, which can cause brain diseases. In addition raw water contains a variety of microbes, pathogens and a large number of bacteria, long-term drinking this water body vulnerable to bacteria, even when serious infection on hepatitis, if only occasionally drink a case should not have much impact, as long as the stomach does not appear uncomfortable all right, it should not be too worried.


Xiao Bian reminded the public that excessive drinking can cause poisoning. In the hot summer, after a large number of people sweating, the body of sodium and other electrolytes also will be lost if this time without a lot of drinking boiled water to make up the salt will be muscle twitching or muscle spasm pain. Therefore, in the hot summer months, when people drink the best put some salt, you can replace lost salt and water. At the same time, it is best not to drink more than 24 hours of placing water, because if left too long, the water will produce large amounts of bacteria and other substances. People drink fresh water, boil boil 3 minutes of fresh water not only sterile, chlorine in the water and some of the harmful substances also evaporate, while maintaining the necessary nutrients the body of water.


In addition, for the health of older people, pure drinking water can prevent blood viscosity. For patients with cardiovascular diseases, in addition to drinking water needs under the guidance of a doctor, choose a drug for their condition, and stick with in the summer, and to monitor their own blood viscosity changes, to prevent ischemic the purpose of cardiovascular disease. People do not drink unboiled water, because the chlorine in tap water and residual organic matter can not boil water interactions can lead to disease.


household drinking water Tips: boiling water after long home, where nitrogenOrganics will continue to be broken down into nitrite. In particular, the water is stored for too long, it is inevitable that bacterial contamination, when the nitrogen-containing organic matter decomposition accelerated, nitrite are even greater. After drinking this water nitrite and hemoglobin, the blood will affect the oxygen transport function.




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