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   The water purifier is designed and manufactured a comprehensive science and technology. Water purifier design principles should be the sake of users. On quality characteristics of each region, the organic pollution along the Yangtze River and serious personnel densely populated areas, villages and towns all over the country and small businesses and the use of groundwater water areas there are problems of bacterial contamination. Therefore, only a portion of good quality water purifier able to adapt to different water quality across the country, according to water quality conditions in different regions, carefully designed to adapt to different water purification effect significant water purification products. Here you summed up the points to buy elements, hope to help you choose the right more clearly their own water purification products.


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   1, the purchase of water purifiers, first figure out what you need is drinking water or water for life, not to be confused concepts on the market. Domestic water treatment products, there are home filtration (also called central water purifier). Home usually requires filtering proceeds during the discharge pipe fitting. Selected filtered while drinking water purifier, the processing amount can not blindly value, water quality is also very important, in addition to chlorine, in addition to large particles of impurities, but also other contaminants can be filtered.

   2, the terminal consumers to buy water purifiers to note is that most water purifiers water treatment technology, the technology can yield excellent safety and health is good water.

   3, according to the different types of water purifiers selected water quality. The northern China water hardness, calcium limestone south water area, relatively high content of magnesium ion, easy to scale, should be advanced with an optional purifier filter cartridge ion exchange resin; urban and chlorinated tap water, many organic content, heterochromatic odor heavier, more may be selected amount of activated carbon home water purifier; when more turbid water quality, water purification, should buy coarse filter, fine filter dual function of the water purifier; severely contaminated water, requires a thorough filter the water of bacteria, viruses, heterochromatic odor, pesticides, heavy metals and other impurities, should buy a reverse osmosis membrane pure water.

   4, installation and service of the water purifier critical, unlike other home appliances water purifier, which need regular maintenance. On-site water quality testing, design, installation and commissioning to track return visits, maintenance and overhaul, replace the filter regularly Depot, etc., are related to the vital interests of buyers.

   In the water purifier brand agent, selected professional water purifier manufacturers is necessary. Because the product quality and after sale willIt has been well protected. Although there are many do cross-border water purifier manufacturers of products may have the same appearance, but because there is no professional skills and good material, product functionality is very limited, so that aspect of quality water purifiers, security and stability there are many hidden dangers, prone to leaks or even no water filter is not clean, the consumers will suffer, the most important is the impact of long-established reputation agents, agents affecting the business, making the agents so miserable, for those who want to do business agent for water purification, in order to have a breakthrough, it is necessary to choose a professional brand.

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